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Azure Data Share

A simple and safe service for sharing big data.

Easily share data on your terms

Share data, in any format and any size, from multiple sources with other organizations. Easily control what you share, who receives your data, and the terms of use. Data Share provides full visibility into your data sharing relationships with a user-friendly interface. Share data in just a few clicks, or build your own application using the REST API.

Serverless code-free data sharing service that requires no infrastructure setup or management

Intuitive interface to govern all your data sharing relationships

Automated data sharing processes for productivity and predictability

Secure data sharing service that uses underlying Azure security measures

Easily share data the way you want

Share structured and unstructured data from multiple Azure data stores with other organizations in just a few clicks. There’s no infrastructure to set up or manage, no SAS keys are required, and sharing is all code-free. You control data access and set terms of use aligned with your enterprise policies. Use snapshot-based sharing to copy data from the data provider, or use in-place sharing to refer to data in the provider’s account.

Govern your data shares for safer sharing

Easily and efficiently track and manage your data sharing relationships using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. See who you have shared data with and when the data is accepted. Stop future updates from flowing through at any time.

A list of a user’s subscriptions that are shareable in Azure
A dataset type being selected in Azure

Expand analytical datasets for enhanced insights

Combine internal data with partner data for new insights. Share and receive data in any format to or from Azure Synapse AnalyticsAzure SQL DatabaseAzure Blob StorageAzure Data Lake Storage and Azure Data Explorer. Data Share will support more Azure data stores in the future.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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Documentation and resources

Data Share overview

Learn how Data Share helps organizations easily share data.

Share data

Follow a tutorial to share data from supported Azure data stores.

Accept and receive data

Learn how to accept and receive data.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Data Share

  • Data Share supports data sharing to and from Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Data Explorer. Data Share will support more Azure data stores in the future.

  • Data Share currently supports unstructured and structured datasets.

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