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Azure Container Storage pricing

Azure Container Storage pricing overview

Azure Container Storage is a volume management service built natively for containers, which enables cost-effective performance scaling and simplified management of volumes for stateful container applications. Get started quickly with the free tier and only pay for the storage resources consumed.

Pricing details

Azure Container Storage offers simplified pricing. With this service, you are charged a fee per provisioned GiB for the storage orchestration service. This service will offer a free tier for deployments with storage pool capacity under 5 TiB. For deployments over 5 TiB, you will be charged a nominal orchestration fee for the additional provisioned storage capacity beyond 5 TiB.

The total price of Azure Container Storage orchestration depends on the number of deployments and the storage pool capacity provisioned per each deployment. In addition to this orchestration charge, you will be charged for the underlying storage service.

Azure Container Storage orchestration is offered for free during the preview period for both free and standard tiers, and you pay for only the underlying storage resources consumed.

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  • With Azure Container Storage, you'll have access to the same capabilities as the Standard Tier, with the only limitation being that the storage pool capacity you provision cannot exceed 5 TiB.
  • Azure Container Storage supports Azure Disks, ephemeral disks, and Elastic SAN.

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