DevOps brings together people, processes and products and enables continuous delivery of value to your end users. Azure makes DevOps easy, fast and cost-effective with the resources and open source tools you need to meet your business objectives.

"With DevOps and Azure, we are able to reduce our new-feature release cycle down to one week, and we think we can even speed that up."

Fikri Larguet, Director of Cloud Services, GEICO

Get to market faster for competitive advantage

Today’s markets move fast—faster than traditional development methods. A modern DevOps process in the cloud lets you release and iterate quickly, even several times a day. And getting to market first can be the advantage which makes you a market leader, instead of leaving you to play catch up.

Hawaiian Airlines
"Branches sync 500 percent faster. Builds are 400 percent faster, with the typically six-hour process reduced to 90 minutes."

Scott Cheney, Senior Director, Applications Development, Hawaiian Airlines

Improve quality, performance and customer satisfaction

Everyone expects more from technology now, so if you are not continually improving your apps, you are missing opportunities. DevOps makes the feedback and iteration process efficient, so your apps keep getting better. And that means fewer service tickets and more satisfied users.

Outback Steakhouse
"The app rolls several solutions into one easy-to-use place where diners can get on the wait list prior to arriving at the restaurant and can pay from their phone. We also recently added the ability to earn, track and redeem rewards for our new loyalty programme: Dine Rewards. These digital solutions, through the app, have helped increase customer satisfaction and made the app a success with a 4.5-star rating."

Donagh Herlihy, Digital and Chief Information Officer, Bloomin' Brands Inc.

Scale to handle your business growth

Grow your SaaS business without fixed infrastructure limitations and maintain business agility with fast development and deployment. Scale up or down as needed, paying only for what you use. And scale when and where required, using global datacenters close to your customers.

"Five years of tremendous growth for Jenkins has outpaced our organically grown, unnecessarily complex, project infrastructure. Migrating to Azure simplifies and improves our infrastructure in a dramatic way which would not be possible without a comprehensive platform consisting of: compute, CDN, storage and data-store services."

R. Tyler Croy, Jenkins Community Leader, Jenkins

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