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Azure Operator Service Manager PREVIEW

Simplify the deployment, upgrade, and management of complex operator services.

Orchestrate operator services across Azure and edge platforms

Azure Operator Service Manager transforms the operator service management experience into a modern cloud service. Simplify modeling with native Azure abstractions and ensure error-free operations using safe deployment practices. Consolidate multiple interfaces with support for Azure cloud and edge. Accelerate service deployments to take the lead in your market.

Abstract modeling of multiple-vendor services composed of network function software and configuration

Advanced service placement across geographically distributed Azure cloud and edge regions

Safe deployment practices, as part of a global convergence layer, to ensure error-free operations across many sites

Extensible edge agents, as part of a site convergence layer, to support vendors' various provisioning methods

Unify service orchestration

Azure Operator Service Manager reduces service orchestration complexity by consolidating software and configuration management tasks into a single set of end-to-end Azure operations. Compose and deploy services with innovative capabilities combined with flexible north- and southbound integration options for one true Azure service management interface.

A person working at their desk on a laptop and two desktop screens.
Site Network Service plan being created and deployed.

Reliably deploy network function software

Reduce the impact of errors when executing fleet-wide software rollouts with safe-deployment practices. Use workflow actions like gates, delays, and sequence control to ensure the right task happens at the right time. When cancellations interrupt running operations, use rollbacks to revert. Blast radius graphs enable you to capture unexpected results, and disconnected mode allows operations even if a site becomes isolated.

Easily repeat network function configuration

Provision complex service configurations using roles and templates. First, a publisher onboards the basic service parameters. Next, a designer composes the service design, mapping service parameters into a template. Finally, an operator associates a template with site-specific values and requests convergence to deploy a service instance to one or many sites.

Overview of a gateway rollout.
Analytics leading to a successful deployment.

Use analytics for intelligent orchestration

Achieve zero-touch, closed-loop automation by coupling service orchestration with network analytics. Draw on insights built from network performance KPIs, subscriber data records, and real-time error logging to increase orchestration service awareness. Use this awareness to make intelligent decisions, such as whether a rollout was successful and to trigger an immediate action, such as a rollback.

Secure deployments with a hardened supply chain

Prevent actions by bad actors before they can negatively impact service with strict software image and service artifact supply chain policy compliance. Ensure what the publisher has onboarded is what the operator deploys, with sufficient background tracking for auditing and oversight.

People working at desks in an office where the words Protect Detect and Respond are on the walls.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene.
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations.

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