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Public preview: Save and share log analytics queries with new query packs in Azure Monitor

Published date: May 25, 2021

Log Analytics is a tool within Azure Monitor used to edit and run log queries on telemetry within Azure Monitor logs. Many of you are regularly creating a lot of complex and interesting queries, and there have been growing asks to be able to save, reuse, and share those queries with your colleagues and partner teams in your organizations.

Today we are launching a public preview of query packs in log analytics, which are essentially ARM objects containing log analytics queries. Query packs ship with a variety of experiences to create, manage, control, save and discover queries in log analytics.

Several key capabilities:

  • Query packs are ARM objects: They have permissions control and could be deployed by code and incorporated into policies.
  • Query packs work in all log analytics contexts and across your environments: One query pack may be loaded into multiple subscriptions across resource-centric or workspace-centric modes.
  • Query pack queries contain new metadata: Allowing organizations to better arrange queries according to their taxonomy and terminology.
  • Query packs experience is incorporated within log analytics: Offering slick, harmonized, and contextual query experiences.

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