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General availability: Oracle consistent snapshots using Azure VM Backup

Published date: September 21, 2021

Now, Azure Backup provides packaged pre-post scripts to quiesce and unfreeze the Oracle database and thus converts the file consistent backups to database consistent snapshots. These pre-post scripts are now generally available, completely owned and maintained by Azure Backup. Hence you can easily leverage all Azure VM backup benefits for your Oracle VMs as well. For instance, the database consistent snapshots are instantly recoverable by Oracle, verifiable by Oracle database clients such as RMAN and are cost-effective since Azure VM backup is inherently incremental. Using Oracle consistent snapshots also means that you need NOT stream daily fulls to a storage target and hence significantly reduce demand on IO on the machine and network as well as reduce the need for a huge backend storage. Also, using snapshots means that you can quickly create clones of Oracle production VMs and need not perform IO intensive operations such as a datapump.

Learn more about how this solution can be used to build a database backup solution.

Learn more about how to use this solution specifically for Oracle VMs.

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