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General availability: Expansion of credit-based disk bursting to Azure Standard SSDs E30 and smaller

Published date: June 23, 2021

Credit-based disk bursting is now available on Azure Standard SSDs E30 and smaller (less than or equal to 1TiB). With credit-based bursting, your disks can burst IOPS and throughput for a short-time (up to 30 minutes) to handle unexpected disk traffic and process batch jobs with speed. Now you can deploy your disks for their average performance needs instead of for peak performance, enabling you to achieve cost savings. All your existing or new Standard SSD disks (less than or equal to 1TiB) will have credit-based bursting enabled by default with no user action or addition costs.

Read the Azure Disk Storage documentation to learn more bursting performance targets on Standard SSDs.

Watch the deep dive video to learn more.

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