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Azure Service Operator v2 release is now available

Published date: November 02, 2021

Version 2 of Azure Service Operator (ASO) is now available. Azure Service Operator let you easily provision and manage Azure resources from within a Kubernetes environment.

Azure Service Operator v2 was built based on the lessons learned from ASO v1, with the following improvements:

  • Support for code-generated CRDs based on Azure OpenAPI specifications: This enables us to quickly add new resources as they are requested.
  • More powerful Status: You can view the actual state of the resource in Azure through ASO v2, which enables you to see server-side applied defaults and more easily debug issues.
  • Dedicated storage versions: This enables faster (and less error prone) support for new Azure API versions, even if there were significant changes in resource shape.
  • Uniformity: ASO v2 resources are very uniform due to their code-generated nature.
  • Clearer resource states: The state a resource is in is exposed via a Ready condition.

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