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Azure Security Center update August 29

Published date: August 30, 2018

A recent update to Azure Security Center includes these features:

  • Welcome experience
    The new Security Center welcome experience helps you find relevant trial subscriptions and get the most out of your 60-day trial.
  • Confidence score
    Security Center helps you prioritize which alerts to investigate in an alert confidence score, which helps your team triage and prioritize alerts. Security Center automatically applies industry best practices, intelligent algorithms, and processes used by analysts to determine whether a threat is legitimate and provides you with meaningful insights in the confidence score.
  • Data security and Network security blades
    The Data security and Network security blades were updated to align with other resources in the Security hygiene blades. The new Data security blade provides separate tabs for SQL and storage account resources. The new Network security blade provides networking recommendations on the Overview tab.
  • Management groups and security policy management
    Security Center security policies are now integrated with Azure Policy. This enables you to set security policies per management group, and not just on a single subscription. Security Center security policies are now grouped according to their relevant resources—for example, compute or data.
  • Event data collection
    For new customers only, by default, the security event data collection tier is set to None and raw security data is not enabled. This will not affect your ability to get recommendations based on your events. To modify these settings, see Data collection tier.
  • New API
    The Security Center API was updated.
  • Feedback mechanism
    You can now send the Security Center team feedback about a threat detection alert. This feature, accessible from any individual alert, enables you to be part of our security community and enhance our threat detection and fine-tune our alerts.
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