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Actualizaciones de Azure

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General availability: VNet peering
- VNet peering is generally available.
Public preview: Application Gateway web application firewall
- Application Gateway announces the public preview of web application firewall (WAF) functionality as part of new WAF tier. This is available in all Azure regions.
General availability: Service Fabric for Windows Server
- You can use Service Fabric for Windows Server to create a multiple-machine Service Fabric cluster in your own datacenter or in other public clouds.
Public preview: Azure Service Fabric for Linux
- You can use the Service Fabric on Linux preview to build, deploy, and manage highly available, highly scalable applications in a Linux environment, just as you would on Windows.
IPv6 for Azure VMs available in most regions
- Extend your application's reach with IPv6 for Azure virtual machines.
Accelerated Networking is in preview
- Accelerated Networking is in preview in select regions for select VM sizes and OS configurations.
General availability: Azure DNS
- Azure DNS is generally available. The service is offered with a 99.99% availability SLA and is covered by Azure Support. General availability pricing will take effect from November 1, 2016.
Large instances of SAP HANA on Azure
- SAP HANA Large instances, which are purpose-built hardware configurations for SAP HANA workloads that require memory sizes larger than 0.5 TB, have entered general availability.
Backup policy management for Azure VM backup in a Recovery Services vault
- Azure backup now supports edit and delete on existing Azure VM backup policies in a Recovery Services vault.
Service Fabric SDK and Runtime for version 5.2 released
- Azure Service Fabric has released updated versions of the Service Fabric SDK and Runtime, and the standalone installer for Windows Server.
Azure AD Application Proxy new connector version
- Azure AD Application Proxy improves exception handling, telemetry, and connectivity success rates with version 1.3.1135.0 of the connector.
Mobile Apps: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple submission process
- Apple announced that all apps submitted to the iOS App Store for review must support IPv6-only networks, but your app submissions will likely work just fine under certain conditions.
Announcing the Azure API Management roadmap
- The Azure API Management roadmap can help you stay abreast of our plans, follow our progress, and provide input.
API Management service update: September 14, 2016
- On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, we started deploying a regular service update. Please see our blog post for information on the release payload.
PHP runtime version updates
- We recently updated the PHP runtime versions to address a security vulnerability. We have also installed, and enabled by default, the recently released PHP 7.0 driver for SQL Server.
Event Hubs Archive in public preview
- Azure Event Hubs Archive, now in public preview, enables you to automatically deliver the streaming data in Event Hubs to a Blob storage account of your choice.
Azure PowerShell 1.7: Hotfix for breaking changes
- A hotfix has been released to address the breaking changes in Azure PowerShell versions 1.4–1.6 and versions 2.0 and later.
Public preview: Microsoft Operations Management Suite Docker container monitoring
- By using Docker container monitoring in Operations Management Suite, you can get container inventory, performance data, and logs from one place.
Azure Scheduler available in United Kingdom
- Azure Scheduler is available in the United Kingdom South (London, England) and United Kingdom West (Cardiff, Wales) regions.
API Management service update: September 6, 2016
- On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, we started deploying a regular service update. Please see our blog post for information on the release payload.

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