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Azure Web Apps Gallery now supported only in Azure Marketplace
- Customers can no longer create gallery applications in the Azure classic portal, but they can create these applications in the Azure portal and take advantage of the features there.
New generation of D-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services in Japan West
- The new generation of D-Series instances is available in Japan West. These Dv2 instances offer more powerful CPUs and run about 35 percent faster than the current D-Series.
General availability: Azure Backup in the Azure portal
- With the release of Azure Backup on the Azure portal, customers can seamlessly back up virtual machines under the newly introduced recovery services vault.
Automation scheduling feature update
- Automation supports weekly and monthly schedules. With these recurrence options, you can select days of the week or days of the month for your schedule to run on.
Deploying a Web Apps certificate through Key Vault
- As part of the App Service Certificate offering, we support Web Apps certificate deployment through Azure Key Vault.
General availability: Azure DevTest Labs
- Azure DevTest Labs, your self-service sandbox environment in Azure to quickly create dev/test environments while minimizing waste and controlling costs, has entered general availability.
Azure API Management is available in Canada regions
- Azure API Management is live in the Canada East and Canada Central regions. API Management can now be deployed to 20 regions around the world!
Run your own custom Automation tasks in response to VM alerts
- When you create an alert rule on an Azure virtual machine, you can run your own custom task when the alert is triggered. New alert remediation tasks are also available.
Azure Redis Cache: Preview of import/export and scale to Premium tier
- The Azure Redis Cache team is pleased to announce two new features: import/export data and scale to the Premium tier.
Namespace-level tier selection enabled for Notification Hubs
- Notification Hubs recently enabled namespace-level tiers so that customers can allocate resources tailored to each namespace’s expected traffic and usage patterns.
Deploy geo-fenced push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs
- We published a tutorial that explains how to deliver location-based push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs and Bing Spatial Data, leveraged from within a Universal Windows Platform application.
Automation: New graphical runbook type based on native PowerShell
- Azure Automation introduces a new graphical runbook type based on native PowerShell. It provides quick runbook starts and easier authoring.
Automation Runbook Gallery update
- The Azure Automation Runbook Gallery supports script content from the PowerShell Gallery.
General availability: Azure Site Recovery in new Azure experience
- Azure Site Recovery, a component of Microsoft Operations Management Suite, is generally available in the new Azure experience, with support for Resource Manager and CSP.
DocumentDB: General availability in the North Central region
- Azure DocumentDB supports provisioning DocumentDB accounts in the North Central US region.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse: May 2016 update
- Several features have been added to Azure SQL Data Warehouse in our most recent update.
Scheduler available in Canada regions
- Azure Scheduler is available in the Canada East and Canada Central regions.
Resource lock management available in the portal
- You can view, add, and delete management locks for resources in the portal.
Azure Data Lake update announcement
- Azure Data Lake updates are available and provide basic improvements across the board.
General availability: Azure SQL Database elastic pools
- Azure SQL Database elastic pools are ideally suited for SaaS and line-of-business applications that need the performance, availability, and security isolation benefits of provisioning one database for each tenant or application.