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    junio 2019

    20 jun.

    Public Preview: Backup support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 for Azure Virtual Machines

    Azure Backup is an enterprise-scale, zero-infrastructure solution that protects SQL Server VM in Azure without the need to deploy and manage any backup infrastructure. This offering is already generally available for more recent SQL Server versions , and today we are excited to announce Azure Backup support for EOS SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 in public preview.

    20 jun.

    Public Preview: Immersive Reader, an Azure Cognitive Service

    Immersive Reader is an Azure Cognitive Service for developers who want to embed inclusive capabilities into their apps for enhancing text reading and comprehension for users regardless of age or ability.

    20 jun.

    HDInsight Tools for VSCode: Enhanced PySpark Interactive Query

    We are pleased to announce the integration of VSCode Python extension to handle PySpark interactive for HDInsight in VSCode. The Azure HDInsight Tools for VSCode leverages the Python extension to…

    19 jun.

    Just-in-time access now supports Azure Firewall

    Just-in-time (JIT) virtual machine (VM) access can now be used with Azure Firewall.

    19 jun.

    Azure API Management update June 19

    Learn about the latest regular update in Azure API Management update.

    19 jun.

    VM Health feature now supports new OS' and is available in new regions

    VM Health feature included in Azure monitor for VMs is now available for VMs that are running on Windows 2012 R2 and 2019. Additionally, VM Health feature is also available in cases where the associated workspace is in SEA (South East Asia), UKS (UK South), and CCAN (Canada Central) regions.

    19 jun.

    Use existing automation account for automatic updates of the Mobility service

    May 2019 - Site Recovery now supports using an existing automation account for Mobility service automatic updates

    19 jun.

    Improved process server monitoring and reporting

    May 2019 - Improved alerts for monitoring and troubleshooting Azure Site Recovery process servers.

    19 jun.

    Enable replication for added Azure VM data disks

    May 2019 - Site Recovery supports enabling replication for data disks added to Azure VMs already enabled for disaster recovery.

    19 jun.

    HDInsight Tools for VSCode: Hive Table Preview

    HDInsight for VSCode continues to boost the experience of Hive users with self-service exploratory capabilities. The HDInsight explorer in VSCode not only empowers you to browse Hive databases across…

    19 jun.

    First Microsoft cloud regions in Middle East now available

    Azure and Office 365 generally available today, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform available by end of 2019.

    18 jun.

    Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI updates

    We are happy to share with you the latest updates to Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI

    18 jun.

    Azure Bastion - RDP and SSH over SSL - now available for Preview

    Fully managed service for seamless and secure RDP/SSH access to your virtual machines without public IP on the VM.

    18 jun.

    ExpressRoute now supports up to 4 circuits from the same peering location into the VNet

    You can now connect up to 4 circuits in a peering location to the same ExpressRoute virtual network gateway.

    17 jun.

    Application Insights connector will retire on June 30,2019

    Application Insights Connector which provided a way to export Application Insights data to a Log Analytics workspace will retire on June 30, 2019.

    17 jun.

    Database engine auditing for Azure Database for MariaDB now in preview

    Azure Database for MariaDB now provides preview support for database audit logging integrated with Azure Monitor Diagnostic Logs.

    17 jun.

    Database engine auditing for Azure Database for MySQL now in preview

    Azure Database for MySQL now provides preview support for database audit logging integrated with Azure Monitor Diagnostic Logs.

    14 jun.

    Pronto cambiará el período de retención de copia de seguridad predeterminado para las bases de datos de Azure SQL basadas en DTU

    Disponibilidad de destino: Q3 2019

    El período de retención predeterminado de las bases de datos de Azure SQL cambiará a 7 días

    12 jun.

    Las recomendaciones de Security Center y sus nombres de directiva correspondientes están alineados

    Ahora es más fácil buscar la directiva oportuna que coincida con una recomendación y habilitarla o deshabilitarla.

    12 jun.

    Ya está disponible con carácter general la característica Protección de red adaptable de Security Center

    Protección de red adaptable proporciona recomendaciones para aumentar la protección de las reglas NSG.