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Azure API Management adds support for Swagger model schemas
- We released a new feature to store model schemas from Swagger files and display model schemas in API documentation in the Azure portal.
Public preview: Azure Search Blob indexer parses structured JSON content
- The Azure Search Blob indexer can now parse JSON documents while preserving document structure.
Mobile Apps iOS Client SDK v3.1.0 released
- An update to the iOS Client SDK for Mobile Apps contains a fix to Azure Active Directory authentication and switches the SDK to use WebKit instead of WebView.
Azure IoT Gateway SDK enters public beta
- The Azure IoT Gateway SDK, which facilitates the creation of on-premises gateways, enters public beta.
New Dv2 instances for Azure HDInsight
- A new instance size, D5 v2, extends the Dv2-Series for Azure HDInsight. It has 16 cores and 56 GB of memory.
Active geo-replication available on all Azure SQL Database service tiers
- We've expanded our geo-replication features by enabling Active geo-replication across Azure SQL Database Basic and Standard service tiers.
Azure DevTest Labs available in six more regions
- Azure DevTest Labs is now live in all 15 public regions that support Azure compute with Resource Manager, including Australia, Brazil, and more regions in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
General availability: Azure Cool Blob storage
- Cool Blob storage is now generally available. With the new Blob storage accounts, you can choose Hot and Cool access tiers to store data cost-effectively depending on its access pattern.
Azure IoT Suite goes international
- We are expanding the regional availability of Azure IoT Suite to include Australia and Japan, as well as Microsoft Azure Deutschland (preview), a Microsoft cloud with German data trustee T-Systems.
Azure Stream Analytics integration with Power BI is now generally available
- Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI integration is now generally available
Azure IoT Suite security articles added
- We’ve added three articles to provide more details about how Microsoft Azure enables security from the ground up, about best practices for the IoT ecosystem, and about threat modeling for IoT scenarios.
Public preview: Azure Search indexer for Azure tables
- Azure Search supports Azure tables as a data source.
General availability: Azure Container Service
- Azure Container Service optimizes the configuration of popular open-source tools and technologies specifically for Azure. It provides an open solution that offers portability for both your containers and your application configuration. Today, it enters general availability.
Southeast Australia region available for Azure Automation
- Azure Automation is available in the Azure Southeast Australia region.
XML and SQL stored procedure in Logic Apps
- XML and SQL stored procedure functionality have been added to Logic Apps.
Automation: Run As account
- In Azure Automation, you can create an Azure Run As account (service principal) to use for authenticating with Azure when managing Azure Resource Manager resources.
Azure App Service SSL certificates available for purchase
- You can purchase Standard SSL certificates or Wildcard SSL certificates.
More ways to purchase Microsoft Azure Active Directory Basic
- You can purchase Microsoft Azure Active Directory Basic online through the Direct program, as well as through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, the Open Volume License program, and the Cloud Solution Provider program.
Global search in the Azure portal
- In the Azure portal, you can jump to your resources, resource groups, and subscriptions no matter what you have open by using the global search box.
Customize your developer portal pages by using Azure API Management templates
- Introducing API Management templates: a new way to customize the content of your developer portal pages using a provided set of templates, localized string resources, icons, page controls, and DotLiquid syntax. With these new features, you have great flexibility to configure the content of the pages as you see fit.
Self-Service Troubleshooting for App Service Web Apps Customers
- The App Service team is shipping customer-facing supportability features to go along with Azure Functions and App Service Certificates.
Introducing App Service Certificates
- Azure App Service customers can use App Service Certificates to purchase, configure, and manage SSL certificates from the Azure portal.
Announcing Azure Functions—event-driven, compute-on-demand experience
- Azure Functions was released in public preview. Based on the WebJobs SDK, Azure Functions makes it easy to run a function on a schedule or on a new queue item.
Parse Server on Azure managed services
- We've released a marketplace template for easy implementation of a Parse Server on Azure, integrating Azure App Service, Notification Hubs, Storage, and DocumentDB, with a site extension for the Parse Dashboard.
Linux VM support on Azure Batch
- The Azure Batch service has added Linux VM support.
Azure DevTest Labs: Introducing formulas to create VMs productively
- Azure DevTest Labs enables a new way to create VMs: through formulas. A formula is a template that captures all the settings that you specify when you create a lab VM. It provides all the benefits to make VM provisioning even more productive and flexible.
HDInsight enables customizations to live, running clusters
- HDInsight enables Script Action–based customizations to live, running clusters.
New offer for customers who use ExpressRoute for Office 365 traffic
- Azure ExpressRoute Premium tier has three distinct advantages over the non-Premium version of the service: global connectivity, a larger number of virtual networks, and a larger number of routes (private and public peering).
Azure Machine Learning supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse
- Azure Machine Learning supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse as a data source and a destination.
DocumentDB goes planet scale with global databases
- You can use DocumentDB global databases to replicate data across multiple Azure regions and achieve low-latency access with well-defined data consistency, along with 99.99 percent availability.
Azure Managed Cache Service and Azure In-Role Cache to be retired November 30, 2016
- This is a follow-up reminder to our announcement last year regarding the retirement plan.
Ability to switch to another offer available
- Customers can switch their Pay-As-You-Go subscription to another offer via the Azure Account Center.
Public preview: Microsoft Cognitive Services
- Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs available to developers to make their applications more intelligent and engaging.
Azure HDInsight supports R for machine learning and new updates to Spark and Hadoop
- Azure HDInsight can run 100 percent open-source R to do machine learning and has new updates on the latest Hadoop and Spark components from Hortonworks.
Public preview: Microsoft Power BI Embedded
- Microsoft Power BI Embedded is a new Azure service that provides fully interactive, stunning, and always-up-to-date data visualizations in customer-facing apps, without requiring the time and expense of having to build them from the ground up.
Public preview: Azure Storage Service Encryption
- Azure Storage Service Encryption is now available for Azure Blob Storage (block and page blobs) upon request for any new storage account created through Azure Resource Manager.
General availability: Azure Data Catalog
- Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that stores, describes, indexes, and shows how to access any registered data asset.
DocumentDB: New pricing option
- We are excited to announce a new pricing option for DocumentDB, offering greater flexibility in optimizing cost and performance.
General availability: Azure Service Fabric
- Azure Service Fabric has reached general availability (GA) and is ready for production workloads. Service Fabric helps developers build, deploy, and operate microservice architecture applications reliably and at scale.
Public preview: Service Fabric for Windows Server
- You can use the Service Fabric for Windows Server preview to create a multi-machine Service Fabric cluster in your own datacenter or in other public clouds.
Private preview of Service Fabric on Linux
- You can use the private preview of Service Fabric on Linux to build, deploy, and manage highly available, highly scalable applications in a Linux environment just as you would on Windows.
DocumentDB: Partitioned collections for higher storage and throughput
- The latest DocumentDB service update includes support to create partitioned collections, which can support larger data volumes and process more requests.
Public preview: DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB
- We are excited to announce the public preview of DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB.
General availability: Virtual Machine Scale Sets
- Easily deploy a large number of virtual machines by using Virtual Machine Scale Sets, now generally available at no additional cost!
Azure DevTest Labs: Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart
- With Azure DevTest Labs, you can monitor cost using cost thresholds.
Microsoft Azure IoT reference architecture available
- The Microsoft Azure IoT reference architecture provides guidance for building secure and scalable, device-centric solutions for connecting devices, conducting analysis, and integrating with back-end systems.
Update: Automation Hybrid Worker
- An update to Automation Hybrid Worker has just been released.
Public preview: JSON in Azure SQL Database
- JSON functionalities are available in Azure SQL Database.
Announcing: New Dv2-series virtual machine size
- A larger virtual machine size, the Standard_D15_v2, has joined the Dv2-series and offers 20 CPU cores, 140 GB of memory, 1,000 GB of temporary SSD, up to 8 virtual NICs, up to 40 data disks, and very high network bandwidth.
Azure IoT Hub client SDK portable libraries are available on NuGet
- IoT Hub client SDK portable client libraries are available on NuGet.