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Azure updates

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    December 2018

    Dec 4

    Serverless Community Library

    The Serverless Community Library is an open-source set of prebuilt components based on common use cases using Functions and Logic Apps.

    Dec 4

    JavaScript support for Durable Functions is now available

    Orchestrate your serverless workflows programmatically using the Durable Functions extension to the Azure Functions runtime, which will support JavaScript in general availability (GA) to be used for production workloads.

    Dec 4

    Azure Functions, Python support is in preview

    Azure Functions now supports Python development on the Functions 2.0 runtime.

    November 2018

    Nov 28

    User-assigned managed identity support for App Service on Linux/Web App for Containers

    Use managed identities with Linux apps and use user-assigned identities on the App Service platform, including Azure Functions hosted under an App Service plan.

    Nov 28

    Azure Functions—Key Vault integration

    Azure Key Vault integration with Azure Functions lets you build more secure serverless applications out of the box, taking advantage of secrets management to get the benefits of rotation policies and centralized access control.

    Nov 14

    Azure Functions 2.0 available in IoT Edge

    Azure Functions runtime 2.0 is now available on IoT Edge.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Functions runtime 2.0 now generally available

    The cross platform and improved Azure Functions runtime is now generally available, allowing you to use your cross-platform .NET Core assets within your Functions apps.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions, Consumption plan for Linux - Public Preview

    Azure Functions will now support consumption plan for deploying to Linux.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Python support in preview

    Azure Functions now supports Python development using Python 3.6 on the Functions v2 (cross-platform) runtime.

    August 2018

    Aug 14

    Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 breaking changes

    The upcoming release of the Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 introduces some major improvements, but some of these changes will cause breaks to existing apps deployed with the v2 runtime.

    Aug 8

    .NET Framework 4.7.2 update coming to Azure App Service apps

    The .NET Framework 4.7.2 update is scheduled to deploy to Azure App Service apps gradually during September 2018.

    July 2018

    Jul 13

    Azure Functions Runtime x Preview—breaking change for HttpTrigger for Java

    A new version of the Azure Functions Runtime will be deployed soon. It uses the latest version of Azure Java Functions Library v1.0.0-beta-5, which has breaking changes that affect HttpTrigger Java functions.

    June 2018

    Jun 18

    New App Service apps deployed with TLS 1.2 by default from June 30

    Starting June 30, all new apps in Azure App Service will be created with TLS 1.2 by default.

    Jun 13

    TLS configuration now fixed to block 1.0

    We recently announced that all Azure App Service and Azure Functions apps could update TLS configuration. Reporting tools should now correctly indicate that lower versions of TLS are blocked.

    May 2018

    May 16

    HTTP/2 configuration available in the Azure portal

    HTTP/2 configuration is available in the Azure portal, to make the selection of HTTP/2 a seamless process with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    May 2

    Breaking change for SNI-SSL host names on Azure App Service

    Sites that have SNI-SSL selected will not be able to work with TLS 1.0 selected, if receiving traffic from older browser versions.

    April 2018

    Apr 17

    Configuration of TLS versions in App Service and Functions apps now available

    Explicitly set the TLS version for individual Azure App Service and Azure Functions hosted applications.

    Apr 16

    HTTP/2 support for Azure App Service is now available

    Support for the HTTP/2 protocol, the top customer request for Azure App Service, is now globally available for all apps hosted on App Service.

    September 2017

    Sep 26

    Azure Functions support for .NET Core

    Azure Functions will now support .NET Core, allowing Functions code to target .NET Core.

    Sep 26

    Azure Functions support for Graph bindings and custom bindings

    We're enhancing the Azure Functions bindings support to allow developers to build their own bindings, which means if a customer has a custom data source, they will be able to easily create bindings for it in Azure Functions.