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    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Output partitioning to Blob storage by custom date and time formats

    Azure Stream Analytics users can now partition output to Azure Blob storage based on custom date and time formats.

    Sep 24

    Azure Active Directory conditional access in Azure Databricks

    Azure Databricks now supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access, which allows administrators to control where and when users are permitted to sign in to Azure Databricks. Some of the common concerns this addresses include restricted sign-in access, limited network location access, managing the type of device access as well as restricted access to client applications.

    Sep 24

    Azure Key Vault support with Azure Databricks

    Azure Databricks now supports Azure Key Vault backed secret scope. With this, Azure Databricks now supports two types of secret scopes—Azure Key Vault-backed and Databricks-backed.

    Sep 24

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse streaming support in Azure Databricks.

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector now offers efficient and scalable structured streaming write support for SQL Data Warehouse.

    Sep 24

    Azure Databricks is available in Japan, Canada, India, and Australia

    Azure Databricks is now generally available in additional regions—Japan, Canada, India, Australia Central and Australia Central 2. With these additions, Azure Databricks is now available in 24 regions.

    Sep 24

    Azure Databricks Delta now in preview

    The delta feature is now available in preview at no additional cost in the premium SKU of Azure Databricks. With delta, customers get better data reliability, improved performance for their jobs and queries, and opportunity to simplify their data pipelines. Delta is a transactional storage layer in Azure Databricks. With delta, we're enabling customers to simplify building high performance analytics solution at scale using Azure Databricks and get better reliability and higher performance on Spark jobs and queries.

    Sep 6

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse enables streaming solutions with Azure Databricks

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) customers can build near real-time analytics solutions with tighter integration with Azure Databricks.