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The Azure Cloud Collaboration Center: A First-of-Its Kind Facility

As businesses around the world continue to adopt Azure, it's our mission to ensure our customers can trust our cloud.

As businesses around the world continue to adopt Azure, it’s our mission to ensure our customers can trust our cloud. Today in Redmond, we invited the world to see how our teams are innovating in the Azure Cloud Collaboration Center, a first-of-its-kind facility that combines innovation and scale to address operational issues and unexpected events in order to drive new levels of customer responsiveness, security and efficiency.

The Azure Cloud Collaboration Center A First-of-Its Kind Facility


Microsoft unveils Azure Cloud Collaboration Center

We’re using the Cloud Collaboration Center to take a proactive approach to delivering responsiveness for our customers, who count on our cloud services in 140 countries and on all inhabited continents. To meet the mission-critical requirements businesses trust, we need to be always looking ahead. Delivering innovation in Azure services means identifying new efficiencies and finding new ways to streamline connections with the intelligence we have at every level of the cloud.

The Cloud Collaboration Center space gives customers a snapshot of what is happening with their data 24/7 and enables real-time troubleshooting of any issue by multiple teams simultaneously from across the organization. It is a space that’s purpose-built for collaborative work, with a 1,600 square foot video wall that enables a comprehensive view of Azure, from internal processes to the customer experience. Anything on the board can be pulled up on an individual workstation: it’s designed for viewing at a distance and for correlation of information. But just as important as the video wall is the array of spaces where engineering teams, large and small, can come together to utilize the data to increase efficiency, anticipate issues, and deliver on customer needs.

The Azure Cloud Collaboration Center figure 2

The Cloud Collaboration Center also uses industry-leading technology to bring together the many engineering teams from across Azure to optimize the quality of our cloud services and accelerate the resolution of any incidents. Dozens of regional teams are collaboratively problem-solving, whether through weeklong Hackathons with multiple teams, or by leveraging its cutting-edge visualization and Skype technology to ensure global experts are receiving critical information updates in real time so they can contribute their expertise just as quickly.

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