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Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, easy-to-use, serverless data integration, and transformation solution to ingest and transform all your data. Choose from over 90 connectors to ingest data and build code-free or code-centric ETL/ELT processes.

Security is a key tenet of Azure Data Factory. Customers want to protect their data sources and hope that data transmission occurs as much as possible in a secure network environment. Any potential man-in-the-middle or spoof traffic attack on public networks could bring problems of data security and data exfiltration.

Now we are glad to announce the preview of Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network. This feature provides you with a more secure and manageable data integration solution. With this new feature, you can provision the Azure Integration Runtime in Managed Virtual Network and leverage Private Endpoints to securely connect to supported data stores. Your data traffic between Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network and data stores goes through Azure Private Link which provides secured connectivity and eliminates your data exposure to the internet. With the Managed Virtual Network along with Private Endpoints, you can also offload the burden of managing virtual network to Azure Data Factory and protect against the data exfiltration.

High-level architecture

High level architecture of Data Factory managed VNet

Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network terminology

Managed Virtual Network

The Managed Virtual Network is associated with Azure Data Factory instance and managed by Azure Data Factory. When you provision Azure Integration Runtime, you can choose to have the Azure Integration Runtime within Managed Virtual Network.

Creating an Azure Integration Runtime within managed Virtual Network ensures that data integration process is completely isolated and secure.


Managed Private Endpoints

Managed Private Endpoints are private endpoints created in the Azure Data Factory Managed Virtual Network establishing a private link to Azure resources. Azure Data Factory manages these private endpoints on your behalf.

Private endpoint uses a private IP address in the managed virtual network to effectively bring the service into it. Private endpoints are mapped to a specific resource in Azure and not the entire service. Customers can limit connectivity to a specific resource approved by their organization.

Establish a private link to Azure resources with Data Factory managed Endpoints


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