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Sverre Brandsberg Dahl

Partner Manager, Microsoft
Sverre is the CTO for Microsoft's Energy Engineering organization. Here he works with a range of engineering teams to bring the latest technological developments in Cloud Computing and AI to the energy industry. With a passion for technology and innovation, he is helping to position Microsoft with customers, partners, and governments as they accelerate their adoption of cloud technology, while giving equal focus to the transition to clean power and emissions management.

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Published • 4 min read

Tackle large volumes of data with new solution from SLB for Azure Data Manager for Energy 

The Microsoft partner ecosystem is a key component in how Microsoft delivers technology, services, and cloud-to-edge solutions for our customers. SLB—one of Microsoft’s strategic partners in the energy sector—designed the Enterprise Data Solution to work seamlessly with Azure Data Manager for Energy, easing data ingestion, management, and discoverability for domain applications.

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