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    April 2019

    10 Apr

    Multi Geo is now Generally Available for Power BI Embedded

    Power BI Embedded customers can now deploy data in multiple geographic regions.

    10 Apr

    Refresh Now API provides unlimited data refresh for Power BI Embedded

    Using the ‘Refresh now’ API, the limitation on the number of refreshes you can schedule per day is removed and instead an unlimited number of refreshes can be triggered for each dataset.

    10 Apr

    TLS 1.2 Recommended for Power BI Embedded applications

    TLS 1.2 is recommended for all Power BI Embedded applications to ensure that customers have control over the security of communications with Microsoft services.

    10 Apr

    Take action from ‘Button clicked’ in Power BI Embedded

    Add custom buttons to Power BI Embedded reports so users can take immediate actions.

    10 Apr

    New Power BI Embedded code samples available in April 2019

    New code samples are now available for Power BI Embedded

    March 2019

    6 Mar

    Clone Visual API for Power BI Embedded

    You can use the Clone Visual API to make copies of an existing visual.

    6 Mar

    Themes API for Power BI Embedded

    You can use the Themes API to apply a custom theme to your embedded report, such as corporate colours, seasonal colouring or other custom styles.

    6 Mar

    Control all Power BI Embedded visual menu actions programmatically

    The Options and Context Menus APIs have been extended to provide full control for each visual in the report on built-in commands and custom commands.

    6 Mar

    APIs for Power BI app content

    You can use a new set of APIs to get a list of your Power BI installed apps and their content.

    6 Mar

    Schedule DirectQuery cache refresh for Power BI Embedded

    Use the REST API for Power BI Embedded to set the cache refresh of a DirectQuery or live connection dataset.

    6 Mar

    Schedule refreshes with the Power BI Embedded REST API

    The new REST API enables you to set a new refresh schedule or override the configuration of an existing schedule.

    February 2019

    14 Feb

    Public preview: Power BI Embedded support for application authentication with service principal

    Service principal support for authentication (preview) is now available for applications using Power BI Embedded.

    January 2019

    17 Jan

    Power BI Embedded Status API tracks workspace assignment to capacities

    The Status API checks the current assignment status of a workspace to a capacity (for example, CompletedSuccessfully).

    17 Jan

    Public preview: Token-based identity for Azure AD users in SQL Database

    Customers with data in Azure SQL Database can now manage users and their access to data in SQL Database when integrating with Power BI Embedded.

    17 Jan

    Power BI Embedded API for capacity workload configuration

    Power BI REST APIs and SDKs automatically manage dataflows and workload settings for paginated reports on Power BI Embedded.

    17 Jan

    Power BI Embedded supports Q&A with row-level security

    Power BI Embedded supports Q&A with row-level security configurations.

    December 2018

    18 Dec

    Power BI Embedded new workspace experience creation API

    Use the Power BI REST API to create new Power BI Embedded workspace experience automatically.

    18 Dec

    Power BI Embedded zero-downtime capacity scale

    Scale Power BI Embedded capacity resources with no downtime.

    18 Dec

    Azure Resource Health monitoring for Power BI Embedded

    Power BI Embedded is integrated with Resource Health to help monitor the availability of resources and diagnose the root cause in case of unavailable status.

    18 Dec

    Power BI Embedded capacity metrics to monitor workloads

    To monitor Power BI Embedded workloads, metrics have been added for Memory Per Workload and QPU Per Workload.