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Public Preview: Steeltoe .NET Application Support in Azure Spring Cloud

Published date: September 22, 2020

Azure Spring Cloud now supports Steeltoe .NET apps in addition to Spring Boot apps in the same fully managed service.  Powered by Steeltoe, an open source project aimed at developing cloud native .NET microservice applications, the Steeltoe framework enables you to leverage the same Netflix OSS style and Spring Cloud industry-leading microservice patterns that have made Spring immensely successful.

You can run your most demanding apps at scale with confidence, either in stand-alone mode or side by side with Spring Boot apps in Azure Spring Cloud, and leverage the same managed infrastructure, robust framework, and enterprise-ready security and monitoring capabilities.

    • Focus on application development and leave infrastructure management to Azure Spring Cloud.

    • Go from zero to hero with only one line of code change. Simply deploy Steeltoe .NET applications onto an Azure Spring Cloud instance and let Azure auto wire everything.

    • Leverage platform level built-in features for application lifecycle management, monitoring, network isolation, and more.

    • Simplify Java and .NET app management by running apps under the same Spring Cloud environment, e.g. Config Server and Service Registry.

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