Azure Spring Cloud pricing

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Azure Spring Cloud makes it quick, safe, and easy to deploy and operate Spring Boot applications in the cloud.

For each service instance, Azure Spring Cloud charges for one ‘Standard vCPU and memory group duration’ which includes 32 GB of memory and 16 vCPUs. When you exceed either, or both, of the capacities included in the ‘Standard vCPU and memory group duration’, you will be billed for the actual additional usage based on the total ‘Standard Overage Memory Duration’ and ‘Standard Overage vCPU Duration’.

Pricing details

Standard vCPU and Memory Group Duration $-/hour
Standard Overage Memory Duration $-/hour
Standard Overage vCPU Duration $-/hour


  • Azure Spring Cloud is metered on a per-hour basis in fractional hours calculated based on the number of seconds. Billing is effectively on a per second basis.
  • Azure Spring Cloud resources and overage usage are tracked at the service instance level.
  • A ‘Standard vCPU and memory group duration’ includes 32 GB memory and 16 vCPUs.
  • Yes, you will be charged for one ‘Standard vCPU and memory group duration’ per service instance. Any additional memory and vCPU usage will be billed based on the total count of ‘Standard Overage Memory Duration’ and ‘Standard Overage vCPU Duration’ in your subscription.
  • Yes, rates listed for ‘Standard vCPU and memory group duration’ apply to apps in stopped state. Please delete service instance (s) that is not in use.


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