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    四月 2018


    Azure 流分析中的 JavaScript UDF

    借助 Azure 流分析,客户可将 JavaScript 的强大功能与 SQL 的简洁性和普适性相结合。

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    • Azure 流分析
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    二月 2018


    GUID 迁移:流分析


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    五月 2017


    Introducing the Azure app (preview)

    With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

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    七月 2016


    General availability: Azure portal updates for Azure Stream Analytics

    The Azure Stream Analytics team is happy to announce that we just released three updates to the Azure portal (

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    四月 2016


    Azure Stream Analytics integration with Power BI is now generally available

    Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI integration is now generally available

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    九月 2015


    Stream Analytics updates for IoT Suite

    Azure Stream Analytics has added a number of updates to address common business needs for Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

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    七月 2015


    Stream Analytics support for Service Bus queues and topics

    Stream Analytics built-in output types include Service Bus queues and topics. You can also connect to Power BI output for Stream Analytics jobs under any Azure account.

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    四月 2015


    General Availability: Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics is a real-time stream processing engine in the cloud that helps uncover insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications.

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    十一月 2014


    Enhancements to Azure Stream Analytics

    The query authoring experience for Azure Stream Analytics jobs has been extended to enable query validation and debugging over sample data.

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    十月 2014


    Public Preview: Azure Stream Analytics

    Powered by Azure, Stream Analytics is an event-processing engine that helps uncover insights from devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure, and existing data properties in real time.

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