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    ADLS Gen2: Creating a filesystem with REST API from python

    Forum: Azure Data Lake Analytics & Store

    Hyper V VM with EFI Boot

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    Azure app registration not allowing IDN

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    • azure-active-directory
    • oauth
    • idn

    Azure inbound rule order

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    • virtual-machines
    • rdp

    Prevent direct access to my server using reverse proxy

    • linux
    • web-server
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    • reverse-proxy
    • local-area-network

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    Require Cloud App Security supported devices/plattforms via conditional access policies

    We are using Cloud App Security for a large number of customers and are steadily growing. The feature our customers are interested in is to require a valid client certificate from the users during the O365 logon. However there had been a change in the backend a couple of weeks ago which allows devices, which are not supporting certificate based authentication, to bypass Cloud App Security. This is a major security risk if you want to use certificate based authentication to restrict the devices which are allowed to access our O365 tenant. I hereby suggest to rollback - whatever change was made - because roughly 3 months ago, during our proof of concept, such devices were blocked as well.

    San Jose Hoarding Cleanup

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    Identity function for Azure Resource Manager Templates to know who submitted the deployment

    It would be good to be able to have a something that returned the user that requested the deployment, either the UPN or the AAD object Id. This can then be used to * Tag the resource with the details of who created/last updated. This would be great to avoid the masss of resources created without anyone knowing who created them. Thus helping audit and manageability. If its a function it could be used in policy and thus enforced tagging. * Add permissions based on the user doing the deploy. The last one is useful for the developer scenario where the you want one template to create a personalised set of resources. and thus only give the developer deploying sufficient permissions.

    Pines and Goldenzweig, PLLC

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