适用于企业的云 Spark 和 Hadoop 服务

Azure HDInsight 是唯一完全托管的云 Apache Hadoop 服务,可提供针对 Spark、Hive、Map Reduce、HBase、Storm、Kafka 和 Microsoft R Server 且具备 99.9% SLA 保障的优化型开源分析群集。将这些大数据技术和 ISV 应用程序部署为受企业级保护和监视的托管群集。

提供业内领先 SLA 的可靠开源分析

扩展具有 99.9% SLA 和全天候支持的企业级开源群集类型。我们的 SLA 涵盖整个 Azure 大数据解决方案,而不只是虚拟机实例。HDInsight 的设计支持完整冗余和高可用性(包括头节点复制、数据异地复制和内置备用 NameNode),因此 HDInsight 可抵抗标准 Hadoop 实现中未解决的严重故障。Azure 还提供群集监视和全天候企业支持,由 Microsoft 和 Hortonworks 通过 Hadoop 核心的 37 个联合委托人提供支持(超过其他所有托管云提供商的总和),通过修复代码并将其提交回 Hadoop 的功能为用户部署提供支持。

HDInsight 适用于 Hadoop 项目,如 Apache HBase、Apache Storm、Apache Hive、Apache Spark 和 Apache Kafka

Global Reach

Available in >25 regions globally – more than any other Big Data Analytics offering. Also available in Azure Government cloud and China.

Secure and compliant

Protect your data assets and extend your on-premises security and governance controls to the cloud with HDInsight. Get single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and seamless management of millions of identities through Azure Active Directory. Authorize users and groups with fine-grained access control policies over all your enterprise data with Apache Ranger. HDInsight meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Service Organization Controls (SOC) compliance, helping you ensure that your enterprise data assets are always well-protected. To support the highest level of business continuity, HDInsight extends capabilities for alerting, monitoring, and defining preemptive actions, and it gives you enhanced workload protection through native integration with Azure’s monitoring suite.


将 Hadoop 和 Spark 的丰富生产力套件与你喜欢的开发环境(例如 Visual StudioEclipse)结合使用,并支持 IntelliJ for Scala、Python、R、Java 和 .NET。数据科学家可合并代码、统计方程和可视化内容,将 JupyterZeppelin 这两种最广泛使用的笔记本进行集成,提炼有关数据的信息。HDInsight 也是唯一与 Microsoft R Server 集成的托管云 Hadoop 解决方案。与开源 R 相比,R Server 中的多线程数学库和透明并行能够多处理达 1000 倍的数据并且处理速度也能加快至 50 倍,从而帮助你定型更准确的模型以获得比之前更好的预测。


通过分离计算和存储,有效扩展或缩减工作负荷。仍可使用本地存储处理高速缓存和快速 I/O。Spark 和交互式 Hive 用户可选择使用 SSD 内存以便提升交互性能,而 Kafka 用户则可将所有流数据保留在高级托管磁盘中。选择可实现最大资源利用率的任意 Azure 虚拟机类型,仅为所用计算和存储空间付费。

Most extensible platform

HDInsight partners with the leading ISVs to provide a one-click, easy to use, extensible app framework.

During cluster deployment, ISVs such as Cask, Streamsets, H20.AI and more can be deployed to extend the capabilities of the Hadoop, Spark and Kafka analytics platform.

What can you build with Azure HDInsight?

Learn about use cases below:

Internet of Things + Streaming applications

Toyota’s Connected Car, Office 365, Bing Ads, are processing millions of events/sec for realtime big data processing on HDInsight through Kafka, Storm and Spark Streaming.

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Data Science + Machine Learning

Transform your business by adding intelligence to your applications and organization.

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Data Warehousing

Perform interactive query at petabyte scale over structured or unstructured data in any format, build models while connecting with your favorite BI tool.

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Hybrid with Azure HDInsight + On-premise

Extend your on-premises investments to the cloud and transform your business by leveraging the advanced analytics and BI offerings in the cloud.

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在 Azure 中构建 Hadoop 群集的客户

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