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General availability: Mobile Apps SDKs for Apache Cordova and JavaScript
december 6, 2016 - We released the Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova v2.0.0, and the Mobile Apps SDK for JavaScript. This completes the suite of mobile platforms that the Mobile Apps feature supports.
New Quickstart experience for Web Apps
december 5, 2016 - The new Quickstart experience for Web Apps guides you through the steps to deploy your app by using the deployment stack and deployment method of your choice in record time.
Back up Azure VMs directly from the VM blade
december 5, 2016 - Azure Backup provides the capability to back up a virtual machine directly from virtual machine management blade.
General availability: New API version and .NET SDK for Azure Search
december 1, 2016 - Azure Search has released new features in API version 2016-09-01 and a new .NET SDK.
Application Insights: Telemetry data will require HTTPS
november 28, 2016 - Application Insights will no longer accept telemetry data sent using HTTP. Additionally, we recommend updating the JavaScript SDK snippet to download the SDL library via HTTPS.
Custom reports for Verizon Standard and Premium profiles
november 23, 2016 - You can now find custom reports in the supplemental management portal for both Verizon profile types.
Azure Backup security capabilities for protecting cloud backups
november 23, 2016 - Azure Backup provides security features that help customers secure their backups and recover data by using cloud backups if production and backup servers are compromised.
Set auto-shutdown for VMs created through Resource Manager
november 22, 2016 - You can set virtual machines created through the Azure Resource Manager deployment model to shut down automatically.
Application Insights: General availability in additional regions and resource location update
november 22, 2016 - Application Insights is generally available in East US, South Central US, West Europe, and North Europe. The US resource location has changed to align with the location of analytics data.
Azure DevTest Labs: Create multiple-VM environments with Resource Manager templates
november 21, 2016 - In Azure DevTest Labs, you can create your environments by using Azure Resource Manager templates.
DocumentDB: Paper about the TCO of running a NoSQL database is available
november 19, 2016 - Azure DocumentDB Principal Engineering Manager Kirill Gavrylyuk recently published a paper that compares the TCO of running a NoSQL database in multiple scenarios.
DocumentDB .NET Core Preview SDK available
november 19, 2016 - You can use the DocumentDB .NET Core Preview SDK to build fast, cross-platform ASP.NET Core and .NET Core apps to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Free local development with the DocumentDB Emulator
november 18, 2016 - Azure DocumentDB offers a free emulator that provides a local development experience for the Azure DocumentDB service.
New generation of A-series instances for Azure Virtual Machines
november 18, 2016 - A new generation of A-series instances is available for Azure Virtual Machines. These Av2 instances carry the same CPU configurations but have more RAM per vCPU.
URL Authorization Rules in App Service
november 18, 2016 - The initial preview of URL Authorization Rules in App Service can help set up your app's auth rules without burdening you with writing a bunch of code.
General availability: Azure Functions
november 16, 2016 - The Azure Functions experience is generally available, including the consumption compute model (formerly called "dynamic compute").
General availability: R Server on HDInsight
november 16, 2016 - R Server on HDInsight is generally available. It enables scalable machine learning in the R language and several new features, such as integration with Spark 2.0 and Spark data sources.
General availability: G-series for Azure Cloud Services
november 16, 2016 - The G-series is available on Azure Cloud Services in US West, US East 2, Europe West, Asia Southeast, Australia East, Canada Central, Canada East, Germany Central, and US Gov Virginia.
New App Service MVA course now available
november 15, 2016 - Check out our new, free Microsoft Virtual Academy course, which will give you a great deep dive into Azure App Service. Our engineering team will lead you through the sessions.
DocumentDB: Available in West Central US and West US 2
november 11, 2016 - DocumentDB is available in the West Central US and West US 2 regions.

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