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    May 2019

    May 7

    April 2019

    Apr 26

    In development: Model many-to-many relationships with Azure Analysis Services

    Many-to-many relationships in Azure Analysis Services allow relationships between tables where both columns are non-unique.

    Apr 26

    In development: Reuse BI calculations with calculation groups in Azure Analysis Services

    Calculation groups in the Azure Analysis Services tabular engine address the issue of proliferation of measures in complex BI models often caused by common calculations like time intelligence.

    Apr 23

    Azure HDInsight is now available in China East 2

    Four regions are available in China: China East, China North, China North 2 and China East 2.

    Apr 19

    Service Fabric Mesh preview - spring update for features in development

    Service Fabric Mesh preview is being updated with some new features, and improvements based on feedback we’ve received.

    Apr 15

    Self-hosted API Management gateway is in development

    Target availability: Q3 2019

    We are currently working on an option for customers to self-host a containerized version of the API Management gateway component (fully equivalent to the gateway in the cloud, not a micro-gateway). This containerized version will be available on-premises or in other environments.

    Apr 15

    Service Fabric version 6.5 runtime and SDK are in development

    Service Fabric version 6.5 runtime and SDK are in development with new features and improvements.

    Apr 10

    Home realm discovery during sign-in for Microsoft 365 services

    We are changing our Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) sign-in behavior to make room for new authentication methods and improve usability. During sign-in, Azure AD determines where a user needs to authenticate. Azure AD makes intelligent decisions by reading organization and user settings for the username entered on the sign-in page. This is a step towards a password-free future that enables additional credentials like FIDO 2.0.

    Apr 10

    More sign-in options for Microsoft accounts in Microsoft 365

    Target availability: Q2 2019

    We're updating the Microsoft 365 sign-in page for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to add a new sign-in options link. This link will be added only to sign-in pages that accept personal Microsoft accounts.

    Apr 5

    Japanese Era Update - April 2019

    A new Japanese era and its associated calendar begin on May 1, 2019. Microsoft as a company has been planning and preparing for the required changes for some time.

    Apr 3

    Support for new redirect of URLs of Azure AD B2C is in development

    Recently, Azure AD B2C has introduced a new URL,, and plans to retire the previously used one at a future time.

    Apr 3

    New developer portal in Azure API Management is in development

    We are working on a new, open-source developer portal offering in Azure API Management, based on our own fork of the Paperbits framework (

    March 2019

    Mar 29

    Availability Zones support for Service Fabric clusters

    Achieve higher reliability and resiliency by using Availability Zones (AZ)

    Mar 29

    Service Fabric control plane audit logging in development

    Investigate suspicious requests, collect statistics, monitoring alerts and track who initiated and applied changes to the Service Fabric cluster via Azure AD accounts

    Mar 29

    Service Fabric node-by-node cluster upgrades are now in development

    Enable more granular upgrades than just standard five Upgrade Domain (UDs), so that individual nodes or UDs of different sizes can be chosen when performing application and cluster upgrades.

    Mar 29

    Support for Managed Identities (MI) for applications and services is in development

    Service Fabric applications and services running in a Service Fabric cluster have then own first-class identity in Azure Active Directory so that they can securely communicate with Azure services.

    Mar 29

    Low Priority VM support is now in development

    Low Priority VM Scale Sets have no SLA, so are suitable only for scenarios where workloads can handle virtual machines being removed from the cluster with short/no notice at the benefit of reduced costs.

    February 2019

    Feb 14

    Azure DevOps Roadmap update for 2019 Q1

    We updated the Features Timeline to provide visibility on our key investments for this quarter.

    January 2019

    Jan 28

    In Development - AKS Pod Identity

    AKS pod identity gives pods running in Kubernetes their own first-class identity in Azure Active Directory so they can securely communicate with Azure services.

    Jan 28

    In Development - AKS cluster auto-upgrade

    Cluster auto-upgrade ensures that nodes in a cluster are running the latest version of Kubernetes.