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Azure updates

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September 2018

Sep 10

General availability: Event Hubs for Go

Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is generally available.

Sep 4

General availability: Event Hubs for Python

Version 1.0 of the Python package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available.

August 2018

Aug 22

G-series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight

G-series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight.

Aug 20

Kafka 1.1 support on Azure HDInsight

HDInsight now supports Kafka 1.1.

Aug 20

A_V2 series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight

A_V2 series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight.

Aug 20

Azure HDInsight is now available in South India

Azure HDInsight is now available in South India.

Aug 16

Improvements to meter names and impacts to Power BI content pack reporting

The Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights content pack replaces the Microsoft Azure Enterprise content pack, which will be decommissioned by October 31, 2018.

June 2018

Jun 27

Improvements to meter names for Enterprise Agreement customers

Effective August 16, 2018, we’ll introduce improved standardized meter names for Virtual Machines. Meter name changes for all other services will be effective by the end of October 2018.

Jun 27

Updates to Hadoop, Spark, and Data Lake Storage Gen2 on Azure HDInsight

We’re announcing several new capabilities across a wide range of OSS frameworks and support of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 on Azure HDInsight.

January 2018

Jan 12

Azure HDInsight—New capabilities and price reductions

We recently made several exciting announcements about Azure HDInsight, including a price reduction of up to 52 percent on all workloads on HDInsight, and added an additional 80 percent price reduction for Microsoft R Server add-on.

September 2017

Sep 26

Azure HDInsight—Interactive querying and Log Analytics

HDInsight now has two additional features available—HDI Interactive Query, and Azure Log Analytics.

June 2017

Jun 30

Apache Kafka on HDInsight with Azure Managed Disks

We're pleased to announce Apache Kafka with Azure Managed Disks Preview on the HDInsight platform. Users will now be able to deploy Kafka clusters with managed disks straight from the Azure portal, with no signup necessary.

May 2017

May 10

Hadoop Connector now available for Azure Cosmos DB

The Hadoop Connector for Azure Cosmos DB allows users to perform complex analytics jobs on data within the Apache Hadoop framework.

May 2

HDInsight—Cloud-first with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6

Operating a cloud service like HDInsight, fully managed and backed by enterprise-grade SLA, will enable customers to deploy the latest bits of Hadoop and Spark on demand. To that end, we're excited to announce that the latest Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 will be continuously available to HDInsight even before its on-premises release.

April 2017

Apr 26

Web Log Analytics for Azure HDInsight

Azure HDInsight will soon include specific tasks—such as doing Web Log Analytics on Azure Website—in the query console.

February 2017

Feb 28

Public preview: Azure HDInsight 3.6 with Apache Spark 2.1

Azure HDInsight 3.6 with Apache Spark 2.1 is in public preview.

November 2016

Nov 16

General availability: R Server on HDInsight

R Server on HDInsight is generally available. It enables scalable machine learning in the R language and several new features, such as integration with Spark 2.0 and Spark data sources.

June 2016

Jun 6

General availability: Spark on HDInsight

Spark on Azure HDInsight is generally available. It brings an industry-leading availability SLA of 99.9 percent, scalable storage, and productivity tools for interactive big-data exploration and development.

Jun 6

General availability: HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ

We're excited to announce the general availability of the HDInsight Tools plug-in for IntelliJ, which helps users develop Java Spark applications on Azure HDInsight.

May 2016

May 13

Azure Data Lake update announcement

Azure Data Lake updates are available and provide basic improvements across the board.