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    Provide option to boost documents based on click feedback

    If for a certain search term, an item is clicked more often than others, then that item should automatically rise in search results ranking, for that search term.This functionality exists in Lucidworks Fusion and is known as 'boost with signals' where signals are the clicks captured along with the search terms. Search terms matching for the boost should not be exact match only, i.e., all variants of the search string should be considered equal when applying the boost. e.g., if for 'buy laptop' search term, article A is clicked the most (the threshold for no. of clicks can vary, it should be configurable), then article A should be boosted for 'buy laptop', 'laptop buying', 'where to buy a laptop' etc. The boosting score for an article, should be a function of matching search terms and the no. of clicks that the article has received for those search terms.

    Visibility/metric for the usage of MultiHoming for validating if it works as expected

    We are looking to use the Multi-Homing feature for configuring the Azure search instance in the secondary region to retrieve data from the geo-replicated read-region instance of CosmosDB for making sure the dependencies are co-located in the same region. Though multi-homing feature is a great feature to resolve our multi-region requirements, there is no metric or visibility to validate if the setup is working as expected. We would like to have a metric to show which Cosmos DB instance the Azure search is indexing data from.

    Merge Collection

    Merge Collection Feature in Azure Search.Allowing multiple documents with same key to be merge in the single collection when mapping data from two data sources

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