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    Azure Cognitive Search highlight trimming

    • azure
    • azure-cognitive-search
    • hit-highlighting

    Azure Search: Prioritize closest exact match over others in a prefix search

    • azure
    • lucene
    • full-text-search
    • azure-cognitive-search

    How to do faceted search with Azure cognitive search?

    • azure
    • curl
    • postman
    • azure-cognitive-search

    Escaping Dot in Azure Search Query

    • azure
    • lucene
    • azure-cognitive-search


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    minimum should

    Dear Team, Please introduce a 'minimum should match' parameter in Azure Search REST API (Lucene docs: and Elasticsearch docs: )

    Adding comments to the existing fields

    Currently there is no option to add comments to the existing fields in Azure search, can we make this feature available?

    Support contains/startswith/endswith in collection matching lambda expressions

    It would be great if you support more operators in collection matching lambda expressions. For example, Members/any(m: m contains 'a'). Since there's no correlation between the query and the filters, this can be very useful.

    Support bigger scope of returned highlights from complex types

    When a document has a field which is a collection of a complex type, like: Students-> Collection of complex(age, gender, name) When we find a match in a name of a given student, the hit highlight returns the name. It would be great to get the entire Student complex type record in the highlight, so we'll have the context of the highlight and not just the name.

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