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    Azure Cognitive Search should increase the maximum limit of complex collection fields from 40 to something more appropriate for Json files.

    I have json files having more than 70 complex collection fields. I want to index these Json files using Azure Cognitive Search, but unfortunately the limit for complex collection fields is only 40 for every tier. I suppose the limit should be increased from 40 to something more appropriate.

    higher numbers of scoring functions for higher pricing tiers

    Azure Search should support higher numbers of scoring functions for higher pricing tiers, since they have more compute resources available.Current limit is 8 function maximum regardless of pricing tier.

    Hit highlight new behavior is not working

    Accrording to doc Hit highlighting behavior updated on 15 July 2020,but still I am getting same response as before,I have recreate whole service on 16th July. Can not get exact match results in hit highlight

    support indexing for Visio documents

    Can we see support for indexing (or crawling) of Visio documents?In the networking world, these are very important sources of data.Visio documents are key information sources for design, intent and work planning when it comes to deploying and managing network appliances. It would be invaluable to engineers

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