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Provision and manage Azure infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform

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Use the tools you know

In addition to using Azure Resource Manager for infrastructure as code, use HashiCorp Terraform to provision and manage Azure infrastructure directly.

Terraform is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be used to create, manage, and update infrastructure resources such as virtual machines (VMs), networks, and containers.

Because Terraform supports multiple providers, you’re free to use the same tool and process across multiple on-premises and cloud environments, as well as third-party software as a service (SaaS) providers like CloudFlare or Datadog.

Directly integrated with Azure

Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based command-line experience that enables bash commands directly from within the Azure portal. Terraform is installed and immediately available for you to use in Cloud Shell—we even authenticate Terraform to your subscription.

Simplify deployment

Use Terraform with Azure, without having to install and configure it manually. With a Microsoft-published Terraform solution available in the Azure Marketplace, you get a consistent hosted instance of Terraform for DevOps automation and production scenarios. The solution also offers shared identity using Managed Service Identity (MSI) and shared state using Azure Storage to enable team-based collaboration.

Accelerate Terraform development with Visual Studio Code

Regardless of whether you’re developing Terraform for Azure, take advantage of Visual Studio Code paired with the Terraform extension to develop and test Terraform files and modules faster.

Increase your productivity building and testing modules in Azure with the Azure Terraform extension. The extension provides Terraform command support, resource graph visualization, and Azure Cloud Shell integration directly within Visual Studio Code.


Microsoft and HashiCorp engineering teams continue to develop the Azure Terraform provider and modules with the Terraform community. Join the GitHub repository to make feature requests, report issues, or contribute.

See how customers are using Terraform with Azure

Eliminating barriers with DevOps and infrastructure as code

Energy company electrifies pace of innovation and expansion

"Azure support for Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Terraform, Cassandra, and other open source tools has become very important to us and has really accelerated our move into Azure."
Robert Rudduck, Director of Architecture and DevOps

Solving touch problems with a complete DevOps pipeline

NEC Solution Innovators turns to DevOps built on Microsoft Azure and OSS and gets amazing results

"The truth is, up to that point, I was not familiar with Azure, and I had no idea that Microsoft was this committed to OSS. When we met with Microsoft’s DevOps evangelist, our old impressions were completely transformed."
Tomohiro Fukui, Manager, Information Systems Division

Cutting product development time in half

Videoconferencing leader creates innovative interoperability bridge in the cloud

"Running Polycom in Azure delivers huge benefits to our customers with regard to product freshness, performance, uptime, and overall user experience."
Don Eckhart, Senior Solutions Manager of Cloud Video-as-a-Service

Start practicing effective DevOps

See what it looks like to make effective changes in your organization using a DevOps mindset.

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