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Bring together data warehousing and big data analytics to deliver powerful insights from your data at scale. Learn how to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data to support BI and machine learning initiatives.

Get started with Azure Synapse Analytics

Experience a limitless analytics service that brings together data ingestion, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Perform exploratory analytics over your data lake

Achieve the freedom to query data on your terms using either serverless or provisioned resources.

Build an end-to-end analytics pipeline

Build end-to-end analytics pipelines in minutes with no code to achieve faster time to insight.

Go from petabyte-class data warehouse to insights from Power BI

Optimize and scale your most critical workloads—and then deliver with incredible speed in Power BI.

Use Apache Spark integration for big data analytics and machine learning

Bring all the existing skills across your business together to accomplish more with the deeply integrated Apache Spark and SQL engines.


Try Azure Synapse for yourself. Run your first query on pre-loaded sample data in just a few minutes.

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Get started with Azure Synapse Analytics

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