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Secure and well-managed cloud

Take simple steps to secure and manage your Azure IaaS.

A subset of the capabilities described on this page were originally launched under the Operations Management Suite (OMS) brand and accessed from a standalone portal. These capabilities are now available in Azure.


Cloud security and management is a shared commitment

You’re not alone in the responsibility of keeping your instances, applications, workloads, and data secure when using Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). We’re committed to making Azure secure and highly available, providing built-in services you can easily deploy for a secure and well-managed cloud infrastructure.

Secure your cloud resources

Get full visibility and control over the security of your virtual machines, apps, and workloads with Azure Security Center. Centralize the management of your security policies and integrate existing processes and tools.

Detect real threats with advanced analytics, while protecting yourself against them by remediating vulnerabilities, rapidly deploying built-in security controls, and reducing attack surface.

Protect your data in the cloud

Avoid costly business disruptions, meet compliance goals, and protect your data against ransomware and human errors by backing up your virtual machines with Azure Backup. Keep your backup data encrypted in transit and at rest, and enable just-in-time access for authorized users based on multifactor authentication to prevent unauthorized use.

Since Azure Backup is built-in, you can set up your cloud backup in a few simple steps, without having to worry about integrating third-party solutions. And it’s cost-effective—you pay what you use and restore data with no additional costs.

Monitor your cloud health

Get full visibility into the health and performance of your Azure workloads, apps, and infrastructure with Azure monitoring services, such as Azure Log Analytics and Azure Application Insights. Easily collect data from any source and get rich insights, such as understanding CPU disk and memory utilization for your virtual machines, view applications and network dependencies across multiple virtual machines, and track application performance.

Quickly find the information you need using interactive queries and full-text search. Perform root-cause analysis with advanced analytics, including machine learning algorithms. And fix issues faster with alert setting, fix automation, and integrate with ticketing and other customer service systems.

Easily integrate with your on-premises security and management

With additional services such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Automation, you can meet your end-to-end enterprise needs on security and management, support your hybrid cloud environment, and integrate seamlessly with on-premises services of your choice.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Customers are using Azure to keep their cloud secure and well-managed

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