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Azure Fluid Relay

Easily add real-time collaborative experiences to your apps with Fluid Framework.

Build, manage, and scale Fluid collaboration solutions

Transform how you build real-time collaboration into apps using Azure Fluid Relay. Take advantage of Fluid Framework capabilities, including seamless coauthoring and data synchronization, in your apps.

Built-in Fluid server functionality for easily provisioning and managing your Fluid collaboration experiences

Cloud-native Azure storage and hosting capabilities for building more secure and reliable low-latency experiences

Built-in scalability so your infrastructure stays in step with demand from your users

More secure and compliant so your solutions are designed to meet business, legal, and regulatory requirements

Build collaborative apps without writing server code

Create collaborative solutions without building your own Fluid servers. Build powerful, scalable, real-time collaboration experiences with data synchronization while reducing time and effort, without writing a single line of server code.

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Meet your business and data residency requirements

Get the flexibility to adapt to the needs and requirements of a changing global workforce using a dynamic, scalable service.

Manage seamless coauthoring and data sync services

Fluid Relay is optimized for use with Fluid Framework, an open-source collection of libraries for building low-latency collaborative experiences.

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Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Azure Fluid Relay resources

Frequently asked questions about Azure Fluid Relay

  • We guarantee that Fluid Relay running in a customer subscription will be available 99.9 percent of the time. No SLA is provided for the Basic Tier. View the SLA.

  • To learn more about the Azure Fluid Relay managed cloud service, read the documentation.

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