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Migrate to Azure DevOps

Migrate using the data migration tool and bring your Azure DevOps Server data along

Bring your data with you to the cloud

The data migration tool helps you bring your data from Azure DevOps Server to Azure DevOps in the cloud. Keep the same work item numbers, Team Foundation Version Control check-in numbers, Git commit IDs, and much more after you land in Azure DevOps. Your team is going to love working in the cloud.

Additional benefits of migrating to Azure DevOps

Global availability

Azure DevOps has the features you want in a scalable, reliable, and globally available hosted service.

Immediate access to latest features

Azure DevOps gets the latest and greatest features every three weeks.

Simplified Azure deployment

Deploy your application right to Azure from Azure DevOps.

Step-by-step migration guide

The migration guide breaks down the data migration tool process into six easy-to-follow phases, providing task lists, worksheets, and best practices to speed your migration to the cloud.

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