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Microsoft Cost Management

Monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency

Optimize your cloud investments with confidence

Do more with less. Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your cloud investments. Implement financial governance in your organization by focusing on visibility, accountability, and cost optimization.

Always on with continuous monitoring and reporting from the Azure portal

Best-in-class performance with data latency of eight hours or less

Tailored recommendations from Azure Advisor for cost optimization through reservations, rightsizing, and removing idle resources

Customization capabilities using Microsoft Power BI connectors and Cost Management APIs

Learn about managing and optimizing costs in Azure

Take advantage of next-generation AI capabilities

AI-powered functionality in Cost Management, now in preview, shows you cost details with key insights, forecasting, and reports and provides guidance to help you manage, grow, and optimize your cloud investments.

A screenshot of the Cost analysis section of the Cost Management section in the Azure user interface

Understand your costs through visualization

Track usage, monitor expenses, isolate trends, and benefit from forecasting and cost analysis insights that lead to informed decisions.

Increase organizational accountability

Implement governance policies for effective cloud cost management and increase accountability with budgets and cost allocation.

A screenshot of the Cost Research section in the Azure user interface
A screenshot of the Cost analysis section of the Cost Management section in the Azure user interface

Optimize cloud efficiency

Maximize the return on your cloud investment by using continuous cost optimization and industry best practices.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Overview of Security Center under Microsoft Azure, showing various lists and corresponding status for it which includes pie chart, score, bar graphs
A screenshot of overview for the Security Center under Microsoft Azure user interface, showing various coverage for the security measures

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More than 70 percent of Azure enterprise customers are using Microsoft Cost Management

“Working with Microsoft has been really powerful. Getting access to features that provide cost management and being able to interact directly with the Microsoft team has made a big difference to our ability to get to the right cost place.”

Ian Margetts: Infrastructure Services Lead ASOS

A photo of two people standing
"We see value in Microsoft Cost Management added as a service on the Azure portal, as we can now view cost information under a single pane of glass."

Alexis Chauvin, Ops Tech Lead, IoT & Digital Transformation, Schneider Electric

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Microsoft Cost Management resources and documentation

Developer documentation and quickstarts

Learn how to use Microsoft Cost Management APIs to add cloud cost data to your applications, and learn how to use the Power BI connectors to create custom dashboards.

Azure billing documentation

Learn how to manage your billing account including granting others access, viewing and downloading your invoice and usage data, paying your invoice, and other billing-related actions.

Community and Azure support

Ask questions and get support from Microsoft engineers and Azure community experts on MSDN Forum and Stack Overflow, or contact Azure support.

Save more with cost optimization

Learn to optimize your costs from a consolidated set of resources available to you in one place to help you take control over your spending needs. Learn more by visiting Cost Optimization.

Financial governance best practices

Learn how to implement financial governance as part of your overall governance strategy. Read best practices for designing your governance strategy, which includes cost management, and take an assessment to get started.

Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Cost Management

  • Read the Azure SLA.

  • The product is available in the Azure Portal and can also be accessed through APIs.

  • No, Microsoft Cost Management is on by default for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Pay-As-You-Go customers.

  • Microsoft Cost Management includes data from Azure services and third-party services purchased in the Azure Marketplace. All costs are based on your negotiated prices, and data is refreshed every four hours. Learn more about Microsoft Cost Management data.

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