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Accelerate innovation with the commercial marketplace

Shop the most comprehensive marketplace on the planet with thousands of certified apps tailored to meet your needs. Accelerate your innovation and deploy seamlessly while simplifying billing and procurement.

Monthly feature of apps that support analytics, migration, and security needs.


Ataccama ONE: Data Quality Management

Build a comprehensive data quality solution that fits any IT infrastructure, responding to your specific business needs with a robust and flexible back-end engine and an easy-to-use, business-oriented interface.


Akumo Software

Extend datacenter environments between virtualized or cloud-based infrastructure, and discover a consistent and simple way to cost effectively manage on-demand datacenters via business policies.


Xage Fabric

Deploy a blockchain-protected security solution that provides tamperproof and non-intrusive cyber protection. Xage Fabric’s integration with Azure makes secure remote and local access across your distributed operations just a couple of clicks away.

Monthly feature of apps that support innovation and software needs in key industries.

Financial Services

Shift Claims Fraud Detection

Explore a powerful, AI-powered fraud detection solution that flags potentially fraudulent insurance claims across all lines of business with a 75% hit rate.


ThingWorx Kepware Edge for Azure

Get a Linux-based connectivity platform that provides a single source of industrial automation data to all your applications.


Frogmi Store Operations

Create and execute tasks quickly from web or mobile with a powerful and simple-to-use retail solution.


IPMPlus Smart Energy Savings

Boost your ability to measure, monitor, analyze and save enterprise IT endpoint energy consumption.


"We were able to do everything through the Azure Marketplace to start transacting, start doing business, and providing a solution immediately."

Leanna Chan, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, ShookIOT