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Build in the cloud free with Azure for Students

Use your university or school email to sign up and renew each year you're a student

Start with $100 Azure credit

No credit card required


Free services

Get popular services free while you have your credit.

Here's just some of what you can do with Azure

Start building apps

Develop with your favorite languages and create custom apps in Visual Studio.

Explore AI

Give your apps the ability to see, hear, speak, understand language, and do more with smart APIs and Azure AI Services.

Work with big data sets

Build and train machine learning models faster with the latest open-source technologies.

Take advantage of free products

These products are free up to the specified monthly amounts. Some are always free to all Azure customers, and some are free for 12 months to new customers only.

12 Months

12 Months


12 Months





Before you build in Azure, build your skills for free

Learn basic cloud concepts, get an overview of many Azure services, and deploy services for free with hands-on exercises.

Find out the kinds of solutions that AI makes possible and learn considerations for responsible AI practices.

Learn about the decisions you make before creating a virtual machine (VM). See ways to create and manage VMs.

Learn how to build and host a website. Use the programming language of your choice with no need to manage infrastructure.

Use Python, Flask, and Azure AI Services to build a web app that incorporates AI to translate text.

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Ready? Here's a review of how it works

Start free with $100 credit to use in 12 months. While you have your credit, get free services too.

After you use your credit, wait until the 12 months are over and sign up again if you’re still a student. You'll get $100 credit and free services—just like before.

If you don't want to wait, move to pay as you go. You'll get 55+ services free always. Only pay if you use more than the free monthly amounts.

Frequently asked questions

What happens once I use all of my $100 free credit?

We'll send you an email so you can decide if you want to move to pay as you go. If you do, you'll keep getting free monthly amounts of popular services. If you don't, your subscription and products will be disabled.

Can I apply any of my $100 credit towards Azure Marketplace offers?

No, you can't use your credit for Azure Marketplace offers. However, many Azure Marketplace partners offer free trials of their solutions.

How many Azure for Students accounts am I allowed to sign up for?

There is a limit of one account per person.

How do I get my free developer tools?

After you create your Azure for Students account, download the tools from the Azure Education Hub.

More offers for students and educators

More offers for students and educators

Available to high school or secondary students*

  • Develop web and mobile app scenarios.

  • Access and download professional developer software.

  • Sign up without a credit card.

Azure free account

Available to educators and faculty

  • Get popular services free for 12 months and 55+ services free always.

  • Start with $200 credit to use in your first 30 days.

  • After your credit, pay for only what you use beyond free amounts of services.

*Age restrictions apply. See FAQ for eligibility and offer details.