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Andy Beatman

Andy Beatman

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

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Published • 5 min read

Prompts are key in 2023: Twenty-five tips to help you unlock the potential of generative AI 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

The goal is to use generative AI as a tool in your broader decision-making and brainstorming process. Combining AI’s suggestions with your expertise and knowledge of your business and market will yield the best results. By integrating these AI insights, we’re not merely keeping up with the times; we’re pioneering a future where efficiency meets innovation.

Published • 6 min read

Get inspired: Five Microsoft partners using generative AI to enhance productivity 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

Generative AI has become a critical tool for businesses seeking to streamline tasks and enhance productivity. Today, generative AI can generate everything from written content and music to product designs and programming code, paving the way for unprecedented levels of automation.

Published • 3 min read

7 ways generative AI is bringing bionic business to manufacturing 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

In partnership with several manufacturing companies, Microsoft aims to enable seamless connectivity, data analysis, and AI-driven insights across the production process. By leveraging Azure’s capabilities, manufacturers can optimize production operations, improve equipment maintenance, and enhance product quality. 

Healthcare revolution with Microsoft Azure: A generative AI wellness check   

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

As generative AI continues to evolve, we anticipate a future where healthcare is increasingly able to handle more challenging cases and discover solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare issues facing individuals and communities worldwide today. Microsoft’s innovative initiatives in this space highlight the immense potential of generative AI.

Azure OpenAI Service: 10 ways generative AI is transforming businesses 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

From generating realistic images and videos to enhancing customer experiences, generative AI has proven to be a versatile tool across various industries. Here are 10 ways businesses are utilizing this game-changing technology to transform their operations and drive growth.

3 Microsoft Azure AI product features that accelerate language learning 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech Services platform is a comprehensive collection of technologies and services aimed at accelerating the incorporation of speech into applications and amplifying differentiation to the market as a result. Among the services available are Speech to Text, Text to Speech, custom neural voice (CNV) conversation transcription service, speaker recognition, Speech translation, Speech SDK, and Speech Device Development Kit (DDK).

Published • 4 min read

6 ways to improve accessibility with Azure AI 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

Microsoft and Azure AI offer a range of accessibility solutions to help organizations create more inclusive experiences for their users. These AI-powered tools can help individuals with disabilities better access and engage with digital content, whether it’s through speech-to-text transcription, image captioning, or text-to-speech translation.

From Teams to PowerPoint: 10 ways Azure AI enhances the Microsoft Apps we use everyday 

By Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure AI

Azure AI is driving innovation and improving experiences for employees, users, and customers in a variety of ways, from increasing workday productivity to promoting inclusion and accessibility. The…