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Andy Beatman

Andy Beatman

Director of Product Marketing, Azure AI

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Published • 5 min read

Azure OpenAI Service: Transforming legal practices with generative AI solutions 

The integration of Microsoft Azure AI Services is assisting legal professionals in managing data, conducting reviews, and offering services. The impact of AI technologies on the legal industry will grow, driving greater efficiencies and yielding better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Lawyer in his office standing at his desk working on a Surface Laptop Go 3 (Laptop Go 2) showing Word and PowerPoint plugged into an external monitor

AI-powered dialogues: Global telecommunications with Azure OpenAI Service 

We are highlighting four companies who have strategically adopted Azure OpenAI Service to create more dynamic, efficient, and personalized communication methods for customers and employees alike.

A man participating in a Microsoft Teams meeting while using a cubicle in an open office setting.

Generative AI and the path to personalized medicine with Microsoft Azure 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a futuristic vision: It’s a present reality. Azure OpenAI Service is transforming the way care is delivered and experienced by patients and providers alike. As healthcare providers and tech companies collaborate to harness the power of generative AI, they pave the way for more efficient, accessible, and personalized healthcare solutions that promise to redefine patient care for the better.

Azure AI Healthcare banner

6 ways generative AI helps improve accessibility for all with Azure  

The application of Azure AI in enhancing accessibility is both broad and impactful, with Microsoft Copilot leading the charge. Here are six notable examples where Azure AI is making a difference.

data point text saying "6 Mirosoft Azure AI applications aiding accessibility"

Published • 5 min read

Prompts are key in 2023: Twenty-five tips to help you unlock the potential of generative AI 

The goal is to use generative AI as a tool in your broader decision-making and brainstorming process. Combining AI’s suggestions with your expertise and knowledge of your business and market will yield the best results. By integrating these AI insights, we’re not merely keeping up with the times; we’re pioneering a future where efficiency meets innovation.

Published • 6 min read

Get inspired: Five Microsoft partners using generative AI to enhance productivity 

Generative AI has become a critical tool for businesses seeking to streamline tasks and enhance productivity. Today, generative AI can generate everything from written content and music to product designs and programming code, paving the way for unprecedented levels of automation.

Published • 3 min read

7 ways generative AI is bringing bionic business to manufacturing 

In partnership with several manufacturing companies, Microsoft aims to enable seamless connectivity, data analysis, and AI-driven insights across the production process. By leveraging Azure’s capabilities, manufacturers can optimize production operations, improve equipment maintenance, and enhance product quality.