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Stromasys Charon-SSP Solaris Emulator: Azure Setup Guide

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Veröffentlicht: 15.06.2020


This guide walks through the steps to set up and install Stromasys Charon-SSP for Solaris Emulator on Microsoft Azure. Charon-SSP is a member of the Charon cross-platform hardware virtualization product family. It creates a virtual replica of Sun-4m, Sun-4u, or Sun-4v SPARC family members on a standard x86-64 computer system running Linux on top of physical hardware or a hypervisor.  Through Charon-SSP, you can continue to use applications that run on end-of-life SPARCstation or SPARCserver without changes. 

This guide was written by Global AzureCATs Jonathon Frost and Jim Dugan together with Waltraud Erber and Tri Trong Trinh of Stromasys. It walks you through the steps to implement a relatively simple setup of two Azure VMs—one running Stromasys Charon-SSP and the other, a nested VM running an emulation of Solaris 10.