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Latest update to the Power BI service

Published date: August 22, 2018

The latest update to the Power BI service includes several new and exciting capabilities including:

  • Dataflows in Power BI (in preview), a new capability to help organizations unify data from disparate sources and prepare it for modeling. Dataflows are used to ingest, transform, integrate, and enrich big data by defining data source connections, ETL logic, refresh schedules, and more.
  • Power BI Premium Multi-Geo (in preview), a new feature that helps multinational organizations address their data residency requirements.
  • New Power BI Admin APIs, along with a .NET SDK and a PowerShell module, that enable administrators to discover artifacts in their Power BI tenant, as well as take administrative actions.
  • The preview of a new workspace experience in Power BI designed to enable enterprises to easily manage Power BI content at scale using security groups, distribution lists, and Office 365 Groups.

For more information, see the Power BI blog.

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