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Azure NetApp Files is now generally available

Published date: May 29, 2019

Azure NetApp Files is now available in select public cloud regions.

Azure NetApp Files is a powerful file-storage service to run your most demanding file-workloads in Azure, without the need for any code modification. It’s an Azure first-party service, built on NetApp’s ONTAP technology, and is sold and supported by Microsoft. Taking only minutes to set up, Azure NetApp Files enables both Linux and Windows applications to seamlessly migrate and run in the cloud with an on-premises-like experience and performance.

Azure NetApp Files is no different from any other Azure first-party service—it can be provisioned and consumed against your existing Azure agreement(s), without the need for any term commitments.

Regional availability:

At general availability, Azure NetApp Files will be available in the following regions:

  • US East
  • US West2
  • US South Central
  • EU West (Amsterdam)
  • EU North (Dublin)

We’re adding more regions that we will continue to announce via Azure Updates. Initially, due to overwhelming demand and to provide optimal experience, customers are onboarded via a white-gloved process.  Request to be waitlisted for service access.

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