Azure Arc

Extend Azure management and services anywhere

Accelerate innovation across hybrid and multicloud environments

Azure Arc offers simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services. Standardize visibility, operations, and compliance across a wide range of resources and locations by extending the Azure control plane. Build cloud-native apps anywhere, at scale. Code and ship applications from Azure to any Kubernetes distributions in any location. Use cloud innovation where you need it by deploying Azure data services anywhere.

了解客戶如何使用 Azure Arc

"With Azure Arc, we can help our customers grow and expand across the continent, creating more jobs and economic opportunities along the way."

Africa’s Talking 軟體工程師 Calvin Karundu

"Azure Arc is the key technology we use to deliver software as a service to the edge within our customers' local on-premises networks."

Siemens Healthineers 團隊合作首席架構師 Thomas Gossler

"With Azure Arc we are able to distribute solutions and workloads across multiple clouds and datacenters to support our clients that would have otherwise been bound to a datacenter."

KPMG 雲端主管 Aram Lauxtermann

"Using Azure Arc enabled data services, I'm able to deploy multiple databases with the same exact configuration versus having a bunch of different sizes and flavors out there."

Ferguson Enterprises SQL 資料庫管理員 Kristina Melo

"Azure is already trusted and proven by our customers. Azure Arc uses the same APIs and the same control plane as Azure, providing consistency across the hybrid infrastructure, which increases productivity and reduces risk."

Avanade 混合式全球主管 Mike DeLuca
Avanade, Inc

"Azure Arc's clear focus on standardization, interoperability and compliance allows both us and our customers to gain insights and better management capabilities using the central Azure control plane."

DexMach 技術長 Stijn Callebaut

Gain central visibility, operations, and compliance

  • 組織 WindowsLinux 伺服器、Kubernetes 叢集以及 Azure 資料服務等資源。
  • 使用強大的指令碼工具、Azure 入口網站和 API 以及 Azure Lighthouse,大規模管理和控管資源。
  • 使用 Azure 原則,為任何位置的資源實施組織標準及大規模評定合規性。
  • 透過眾多的 Azure 管理和治理服務,將內部部署和多重雲端作業現代化。

Build cloud-native apps anywhere, at scale

  • Bring modern cloud native development techniques anywhere to build iteratively on your choice of any certified Kubernetes distribution.
  • Deploy and configure applications and Kubernetes clusters consistently and at scale from source control and templates.
  • Reduce errors with consistent policy-driven deployment and operations.
  • Centrally manage and delegate access for DevOps roles and responsibilities.
  • Bring your familiar tools, development environments, and skills to wherever your application runs.

Learn more about Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes

在任何位置執行 Azure 資料服務

  • 透過 Azure 隨時掌握最新的創新。
  • Deploy Azure services on any Kubernetes clusters.
  • Elastically scale based on capacity, with the ability to deploy data in seconds.
  • Ensure consistency across workloads with unified operations, management, and security.
  • Support connected, intermittently connected, and some disconnected use cases for frictionless development.
  • Manage costs efficiently with a cloud billing model for on-premises workloads.

Learn more about Azure arc enabled data services

Azure Arc 使用案例

Control sprawling IT assets

Easily organize, govern, and secure Windows and Linux servers, SQL Server, and Kubernetes clusters across datacenters, edge, and multicloud environments. Use Azure native tools like Azure Policy and Azure Resource Graph with both traditional and cloud workloads.

Ensure consistent deployments and configuration

Deploy and manage Kubernetes applications with GitHub and Azure Policy. Ensure that applications and clusters are consistently deployed and configured at scale from source control.

Meet regulatory and data sovereignty requirements

Automate and enforce policies to meet data governance and security requirements and manage costs efficiently. Get the latest cloud innovation and automation, elastic scale, and unified management for data workloads that are running across hybrid infrastructure.

Built-in Azure security and compliance anywhere

Azure Arc 定價

您管理已啟用 Azure Arc 的伺服器時,我們免費提供 Azure Arc。針對 Azure VM 或已啟用 Azure Arc 的伺服器,附加的 Azure 管理服務 (Azure 監視器等) 收費標準可能不同。您可以在 Azure Arc 定價頁面上取得每項服務的定價。已啟用 Azure Arc 的 Kubernetes 叢集和已啟用 Azure Arc 的資料服務目前處於預覽階段,且免費提供。我們將在即將正式推出時提供定價詳細資料。


  • 可同時用於 Linux 與 Windows
  • 適用於虛擬機器 (VM)、裸機伺服器與其他雲端
  • 跨網域 - 可同時在多個網域間運作


  • 可大規模搜尋的詳細目錄
  • 各個環境間均提供相同的伺服器管理體驗
  • 採用一致的 VM 延伸模組進行代理程式管理


  • 適用於伺服器的內建 Azure 原則
  • 伺服器安全性基準
  • 能夠檢視與搜尋各個環境間不符合規範的伺服器
  • 進階資料安全性


  • 大規模的中央 IT 作業
  • 工作負載擁有者根據存取權限進行管理
  • 與適用於受控服務提供者 (MSP) 的 Azure Lighthouse 整合


  • 您選擇的容器平台,搭配大部分經 CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) 認證的 Kubernetes 現成支援
  • 在您環境的開發、測試和生產 Kubernetes 叢集中使用


  • 清查、組織及標記 Kubernetes 叢集
  • 使用 GitOps 將應用程式和設定部署為程式碼
  • 依原則進行部署以大規模監視及管理


  • 內建 Kubernetes Gatekeeper 原則
  • 大規模套用一致的安全性設定


  • 大規模的中央 IT 作業
  • 工作負載擁有者根據存取權限進行管理


  • 跨 VM 和裸機伺服器的無與倫比彈性
  • 跨內部部署和多重雲端案例的 SQL Server 功能


  • 可搜尋的 SQL Server 全域詳細目錄
  • 免費的持續 SQL 評定


  • 使用 Azure 原則能夠跨基礎結構推動治理標準
  • 進階資料安全性可保護您的 SQL 磁碟使用量

Azure Arc 更新、部落格及公告

Azure Arc 的常見問題集

  • Azure Arc is a software solution that enables you to project your on-premises and multicloud resources, such as virtual or physical servers and Kubernetes clusters, into Azure Resource Manager. This enables you to manage your resources as if they’re running in Azure, using a single pane of glass to manage your entire data estate.

    Azure Stack is a hardware solution that enables you to run an Azure environment on-premises.

  • Azure Arc is offered at no additional cost when managing Azure Arc enabled servers and Kubernetes. Add-on services are charged according to their respective pricing in Azure.

    Azure Arc enabled data services are in preview and offered at no additional cost at this time.

  • Read our documentation and get started with how-to guides.
  • Azure Arc 藍圖包括連線其他基礎結構資源 (例如伺服器和 Kubernetes 叢集),以及將其他 Azure 服務帶入內部部署 Kubernetes 環境。我們會在推出新功能時將其發佈。
  • Azure Arc 支援在任何位置 (內部部署或雲端) 執行的伺服器。其中包括 Windows 和 Linux 伺服器、實體和虛擬伺服器,以及已加入網域和未加入網域的伺服器。請參閱支援的 Windows 版本和 Linux 散發套件清單。深入了解已啟用 Azure Arc 的伺服器
  • 請參閱支援的 Kubernetes 散發套件清單。

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