Azure 封存儲存體


  • 最低價儲存層
  • 自動加密待用資料
  • 與經常性和非經常性儲存層的無縫整合
  • 獲得業界領先的資料管理合作夥伴支援


資料快速成長不一定代表資料儲存和管理成本也必須快速增加。Azure 封存儲存體可為延遲需求具有彈性且極少存取的資料,提供成本低廉且耐用,同時可用性相當高的安全雲端。一個月僅需幾美元即可在雲端上儲存好幾 TB 的資料,並且還能因為其他對業務至關重要之目標,重新規劃您的儲存體基礎結構。


很少存取並不代表重要性就很低。許多產業要求組織將敏感性的財務、醫療或員工資料保留多年。當您將資料移至雲端時,會希望資料受到最高規格的安全防護。封存儲存體使用 HTTPS 將資料安全地傳輸至雲端,並使用 256 位元 AES 金鑰,自動保護待用資料。

更輕鬆進行管理和 Blob 等級的階層處理

Azure 封存儲存體是提供給 Blob 儲存體的另一個儲存層。經常性、非經常性和封存物件可同時並存於同一個帳戶中。自從採用 Blob 等級的階層處理後,您只要在 Azure 入口網站中按一下,即可變更物件的層級,或者您也可以使用 REST API (或 .NET、Java、Python 及一些其他的 SDK),以程式設計方式變更所需數量的物件。

Archive Storage Use Cases

Long Term Backup Retention

Many organizations retain multi-year, PB sized collections of Server and Desktop data backups and store them on expensive storage arrays. Azure Archive Storage provides a secure, low-cost means for retaining those backups and freeing up storage capacity for other productive uses.

Business Policy Mandated Data Archiving

Companies can generate PB’s of data in the course of day to day operations and to meet legal compliance requirements. Company policies often dictate that this data (sensitive HR records, email, financial/tax records) is retained in perpetuity. Archive Storage can work with Smart Archiving offerings from ISV’s to create a low cost, content archiving solution

Healthcare Data Archiving

Healthcare providers are increasingly required to retain patient medical record data for multi-year periods. Storage requirements for patient data can quickly escalate when the records include high resolution images and ultrasound content. Azure Archive storage enables Healthcare providers to lower their storage costs while providing secure, globally compliant storage for sensitive medical data.

Magnetic Tape Replacement

Maintaining tape storage infrastructure is expensive and often requires specialized equipment and expertise. Archive Storage is a cost-effective, low maintenance replacement alternative for tape storage.

Digital Media Content Retention

Creators can generate PB’s worth of video and picture content that is used in the development of original digital media. Archive Storage gives creators a low-cost storage repository for original source content. Blob-level tiering makes it easy to shift from cold to hot storage should the need arise to use that content for another project.

Security/Public Safety data retention

As the number and sophistication of threats to personal and business safety continue to increase, so does the demand for video surveillance. Public and now private sector companies generate TB’s of surveillance footage daily in the course of protecting their citizens and assets. Archive Storage is a low cost option for storing that data.


資料管理廠商可以輕鬆利用封存層。了解具備 Azure 封存層內建支援的夥伴解決方案。

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