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The latest update to Azure Sphere (in preview) is now available in the retail feed

Published date: July 31, 2019

The latest Azure Sphere preview quality release is now available via the Retail feed. This update fixes a bug that prevented the deletion of production-signed temporary images. It also covers the following common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs):

Please note: 19.07 is an important update for the development and manufacturing scenarios described below.  For these scenarios, you need to update your devices to the 19.07 release by August 5.

  • If your devices are connected to the internet, they should receive the update over the air (OTA); no action is required on your part. To find out which release a device is running, use the azsphere device show-ota-status command.

  • If it's not possible to put the device online, you’ll need to recover the device.

  • After August 5, 2019, attempts to add or remove the AppDevelopment capability (azsphere device prep-debug and azsphere device prep-field) will fail on development devices that are running an older release of the Azure Sphere OS. This is due to the normal yearly update to the production keys used to sign capabilities and images.

  • In addition, if you create a new production-signed application image for factory installation after August 5, 2019, you must also update your factory process to install the latest OS release. However, you can continue to run your existing factory process with your existing application and OS images until you need to create a new version of the application.

See the release notes for more information. 

As always, we thank our preview customers for your comments and suggestions. Microsoft engineers and Azure Sphere community experts will respond to product-related questions on our MSDN forum and development questions on Stack Overflow. We also welcome product feedback and new feature requests.

Visit the Azure Sphere website for documentation and more information on how to get started with Azure Sphere. To engage with your Microsoft representative, email us at

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