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General availability: Set up Azure Site Recovery with proximity placement groups across hybrid and cloud disaster recovery scenarios

Published date: April 29, 2021

Azure Site Recovery now supports proximity placement groups (PPGs) across hybrid as well as cloud disaster recovery scenarios. With this release, a physical or virtual machine on prem or an Azure VM can be replicated inside a PPG in the target Azure region of your choice. On triggering a failover, Site Recovery will land the failed-over VM inside the target PPG provided by you. When the primary region is back up and running, you can use Site Recovery to land the VM back back to your original Azure zone/region or on-prem Hyper-V/VMware site.

This functionality is now available via the Azure portal in addition to PowerShell and REST API. It is available in all Azure regions. You can now leverage this functionality to take advantage of the dual benefits of reduced network latency and increased application resiliency.

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