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Public preview: Managed private endpoint for Azure Managed Grafana

Published date: July 05, 2023

With this new feature, a customer can keep resources Grafana needs to access within their private networks.

Managed private endpoint allows a customer to connect their Azure Managed Grafana workspace to Azure data sources without traversing public networks. It works with any Azure data service that accepts inbound private link networking. With managed private endpoint, a customer can keep their data stores on private IP addresses and configure their Managed Grafana Firewall instance to connect only to those addresses. This private access is easy to set up and adds another layer of protection against data exfiltration.

Managed Grafana’s managed private endpoint is now available in public preview. Azure data sources that have been tested to work with this new feature include:

  • Azure Monitor private link scope (for example, Log Analytics workspace)
  • Azure Monitor Managed Service for Prometheus
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Cosmos DB for Mongo DB
  • Azure SQL server

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For customers who also want to keep their Managed Grafana workspaces private, in addition to data sources, they can set up private links between their virtual networks and Grafana instances:

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