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General availability: Cross region replication for Azure NetApp Files

Published date: October 18, 2021

Announcing the general availability of Azure NetApp Files cross region replication. With this disaster recovery capability, you can replicate your Azure NetApp Files volumes between select Azure standard and non-standard region pairs continuously in a fast and cost-effective way, protecting your data from unforeseeable regional failures. Azure NetApp Files cross region replication leverages NetApp SnapMirror® technology so only changed blocks are sent over the network in a compressed, efficient format. This technology reduces the amount of data required to replicate across the regions with up to 50% or more, therefore saving Azure NetApp Files customers data transfer cost. It also shortens the replication time so you can achieve a smaller Restore Point Objective.

This technology follows a full and incremental-forever replication mechanism. This minimizes the amount of data required to replicate across the regions, so you get high data availability and fast data replication for your business-critical applications, including, but not limited to, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, non-HANA and Oracle databases, file shares, and AVD/Citrix user profiles. You can achieve a smaller Recovery Point Objective (RPO), because snapshots can be created and volumes be transferred more frequently with minimal data transfers. Further, it takes away the need for host-based replication mechanisms, avoiding virtual machine and software license cost.

Learn more: Cross-region replication of Azure NetApp Files volumes | Microsoft Docs and How Azure NetApp Files snapshots work | Microsoft Docs

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