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Dynamic Data Masking for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now in preview

Published date: May 08, 2019

Dynamic data masking (DDM) enables administrators and data developers to control access to their company’s data, allowing sensitive data to be safe and restricted. It prevents unauthorized access to private data by obscuring the data on-the-fly. Based on user-defined data masking policies, Azure SQL Data Warehouse can dynamically obfuscate data as the queries execute, and before results are shown to users.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse implements the DDM capability directly inside the engine. When creating tables with DDM, policies are stored in the system's metadata and then enforced by the engine as queries get executed. This centralized policy enforcement process simplifies data masking rules management as access control is not implemented and repeated at the application layer. As various users access queries tables, policies are automatically honored and applied while protecting sensitive data. DDM comes with flexible policies and you can choose to define a partial mask, which exposes some of the data in the selected columns, or a full mask that obfuscates the data completely. Azure SQL Data Warehouse also provides built-in masking functions that users can choose from.

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