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Generally available: Azure HPC – CycleCloud 8.1.1

Published date: March 26, 2021

CycleCloud 8.1.1 is now available.

New Features:

  • Slurm is updated to 20.11.4 and supports CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 18.
  • Infiniband-based SKUs have accelerated networking disabled by default, to avoid device-ordering issues

Resolved Issues:

  • MPI jobs in Slurm failed due to missing slurm-libmpi
  • Setting webServerContextPath in did not work properly
  • Pre-installing Jetpack on an image would incorrectly report an installation failure.
  • Default NFS mounting options were incompatible with NFS version 3
  • Jetpack PATH was incorrectly ordered on Windows.
  • Nodes whose images had embedded data disks could not be restarted once terminated
  • CycleCloud 7.x clusters would not run cluster-init if CycleCloud was upgraded to version 8
  • When scaling up large clusters, CycleCloud's self-throttling was too strict, keeping it from making progress
  • Execute nodes would sometimes get "resource not found" errors that would prevent scaling up
  • Healthcheck did not support Python3
  • Evicted spot nodes for MPI jobs in Slurm could not be restarted
  • In some cases, nodes would not start with the following error: "This node does not match existing scaleset attributes: Configuration.cyclecloud.mounts.additional_nfs.export_path, Configuration.cyclecloud.mounts.additional_nfs.mountpoint"
  • In certain cases, execute nodes could not be restarted after editing the cluster through the UI
  • Nodes with disks that referenced snapshots could not be started
  • Jetpack would incorrectly handle a list of IP addresses for network shares
  • The script failed because it tried to start the (now-removed) broker service
  • Waiting for CloudInit would timeout after 5 minutes (increased to 60 minutes)
  • Page rendering was broken in some versions of Safari
  • The image picker displayed the incorrect image ID for CentOS 7
  • CycleCloud CLI incorrectly used the deprecated tostring() method on arrays
  • CycleCloud encountered a "Conversion: 2" error when processing insufficient-quota error messages for VMs
  • Mitigated CVE issue 2020-25649


  • Removed legacy SAML support

Read the release notes.

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