Windows 虚拟桌面

Azure 上提供的最佳虚拟桌面体验

在 Azure 上部署和扩展 Windows 虚拟桌面和应用

Windows 虚拟桌面预览版是在云中运行的综合桌面和应用虚拟化服务。它是提供简化管理、多会话 Windows 10、Office 365 专业增强版优化和远程桌面服务 (RDS) 环境支持的唯一的虚拟桌面基础结构 (VDI)。只需几分钟即可在 Azure 上部署和扩展 Windows 桌面和应用,并获得内置的安全性和符合性功能。

More secure, productive virtual desktop experience on Azure with Microsoft 365

Deploy a complete, intelligent solution that enhances creativity and collaboration for everyone. Shift to Microsoft 365 and get Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

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Flexible migration to the cloud for Remote Desktop Services

Optimize your cloud experience while lowering costs for your Windows Server desktops and apps. Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

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Supported transition to Windows 10

With extended support for Windows 7 ending soon, get free extended security updates for your Windows 7 virtual desktop. This includes more support options for previous app versions while you transition to Windows 10.

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Why trust Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • Microsoft invests more than USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts completely dedicated to your data security and privacy.

  • Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list.

Flexible, scalable pricing

With Windows Virtual Desktop, pay only for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Storage consumed by users during their use of the service. Select deployment options to match your needs.

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Windows 虚拟桌面入门

通过注册免费的 Azure 帐户获得即时访问权限和 $200 积分。
Learn how to start using Windows Virtual Desktop, with quickstarts and documentation.
Enhance the service with additional features and products, like security and backup services.


Technical documentation and quickstarts

Learn how to deploy the optimal environment, get hands-on, and explore options for migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop.

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Learn how you can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance.

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Azure blog and updates

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有关 Windows 虚拟桌面的常见问题

  • Windows 虚拟桌面支持 Windows 10 多会话、Windows 10 单会话、Windows 7 单会话和 Windows Server 2012 R2 以及更新的操作系统。
  • Partners such as Citrix and VMware will deploy integrate and build on the Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers will offer Windows Virtual Desktop to their customers. Software and service providers will offer targeted solutions in the Azure Marketplace. Find a partner on the Microsoft Partner page.
  • 如果具有符合条件的 Windows 10 企业版或 Microsoft 365 许可证,则可以访问 Windows 10 企业版以及 Windows 7 企业版,无需支付额外费用。如果你是符合条件的 Microsoft 远程桌面服务 (RDS) 客户端访问许可证 (CAL) 客户,则可访问由 Windows Server 远程桌面服务支持的桌面,无需支付额外费用。只需为与环境中使用的虚拟机相关的 Azure 计算、存储和网络支付费用。利用一年或三年期 Azure 虚拟机预留实例等选择,这样可以比即用即付定价节省高达 72% 的费用。虚拟机预留实例非常灵活,方便更换或退订。

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