Azure 磁盘存储

适用于 Azure 虚拟机的高性能、高度持久的块存储


Designed to be used with Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Disk Storage offers high-performance, highly durable block storage for your mission- and business-critical applications. Confidently migrate to Azure Infrastructure with four disk storage options for the cloud—Ultra Disk Storage, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, and Standard HDD—to optimize costs and performance for your workload needs. Achieve high performance with sub-millisecond latency for throughput and transaction-intensive workloads such as SAP HANA, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Cost-effective disk storage

Shared disks for running clustered or high-availability applications cost-effectively in the cloud


一致的企业级持久性,年失败率为 0%


Dynamic scaling of performance without disruption on Ultra Disk Storage to meet demand


Automatic encryption to secure your data using Microsoft-managed keys or your


Optimize costs and get the precise amount of disk storage you need for your workloads. Disk options come in sizes from 4 GB to 64 TB at a variety of price points and performance characteristics. Reduce time and costs for backup and disaster recovery with incremental snapshots, which are point-in-time backups for disks that consist of only the changes between snapshots. Lift and shift your Windows and Linux-based clustered or high availability applications to Azure with shared disks, keeping your architecture as-is and reducing storage costs.



Azure offers single-instance service-level agreements (SLA) for all disk types, with a best-in-class single-instance SLA of 99.9 percent availability for Azure Virtual Machines using Premium SSD or Ultra Disk Storage. Minimize disruption to your business with support from Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Scale easily and quickly with the performance you need

Get the performance and capacity you need and scale up from gigabytes to petabytes of storage. Scale performance on-demand with performance tiers and built-in bursting capabilities to meet business demands. Achieve high performance even at low storage capacities - Ultra Disk Storage offers the flexibility to configure your IOPS, throughput, and capacity independently. Create and manage disks by simply selecting the disk type and size.


Safeguard sensitive data with the encryption option that meets your security and compliance requirements, including encryption-at-rest, encryption-in-transit, and double encryption for enhanced security. Restrict access to your data by using Azure Private Link to allow import and export only from your private Azure virtual network. Manage and control access to your data by assigning specific permissions with Azure role-based access control (RBAC).



进行缩放以满足处理顶层数据库(如 SQL Server、Oracle 和 SAP HANA)的性能需求。

NoSQL 数据库

针对延迟敏感型 NoSQL 数据库(如 MongoDB、Cassandra 和 CouchDB)实现一致的低延迟。


通过时间点快照和 Microsoft 合作伙伴生成的解决方案,最大限度减少中断、降低成本并减少备份和恢复所花费的时间。


轻松将基于 Windows 和 Linux 的本地群集应用程序或高可用性应用程序迁移到 Azure。在云中运行要求极高的企业应用程序,例如群集数据库、并行文件系统、永久性容器和机器学习应用程序。


为 Kubernetes 中运行的任务关键型有状态应用程序发挥块存储性能高、延迟低的优势。

Overview of Azure Disk Storage security features

Learn about the latest security features of Azure Disk Storage that help to protect your data and meet your organization’s security and compliance needs.

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Run clustered applications with Azure shared disks

Azure Disk Storage is the only shared cloud block storage that supports both Windows and Linux-based clustered or high-availability applications via Azure shared disks. Learn how shared disks enables you to run your mission-critical workloads in Azure.

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Understanding disk IO and how to leverage disk bursting

Learn how to take advantage of the built-in bursting features of Azure Disk Storage to achieve higher performance and cost savings. Discover new disk utilization metrics that help identify performance bottlenecks caused by virtual machines or disk capping.

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通过 Microsoft 合作伙伴获取更多功能

利用丰富的合作伙伴生态系统,为数据库迁移、备份和灾难恢复提供广泛的解决方案。Microsoft 合作伙伴使用磁盘存储中独特的 REST API 支持功能,以更低的成本生成解决方案。

Oracle Database


  • Microsoft 每年在网络安全研发方面的投资超过  USD 10 亿美元

  • 我们雇佣了超过 3,500 名安全专家专门负责数据安全和隐私方面的工作

  • Azure 拥有比任何其他云提供商都多的认证。查看完整列表

Get the data disk storage you need at competitive prices

Choose from four types of disks for the cloud—Ultra Disk Storage, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, and Standard HDD—and use multiple disks with each virtual machine. Lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing disk storage reservations at a discounted rate. Use the pricing calculator to configure and estimate the cost of your disk storage.


Documentation, training, and resources

Learning modules

Learn how to provision disk storage on Azure with step-by-step guidance from Microsoft Learn.

Videos and webinars

Watch videos and on-demand Azure webinars for demos, best practices, and technical deep dives.

Documentation and quickstarts

Explore our Azure Disk Storage documentation for quickstarts, tutorials, and best practices.

Azure Storage blog and updates

Read the Azure blog and subscribe to Azure updates for the latest news and information about Azure Disk Storage.


Infographic: Why Azure Disk Storage

Learn about the storage characteristics to consider early in your journey to the cloud and why Azure Disk Storage can help you migrate successfully.


Azure Disk Storage IDC Whitepaper February 2020

Learn about the Azure Disk Storage portfolio and range of capabilities for enterprise workloads in the cloud in this IDC whitepaper.


Making smart block storage decisions in the cloud

Learn how to make smart block storage decisions in the cloud to minimize cost and maximize business growth.


"Using the Azure Ultra Disk Storage managed disk service, we can provide higher performance for more customers at the same time, which helps us meet our operational cost reduction targets."

Marco Montesi,TeamSystem CloudOps 软件工程师
Team System

"Our tests with Azure Ultra Disk Storage have far surpassed our current production system—up to four times our current workload capacity. As a healthcare organization, we are breaking down barriers with Ultra Disk Storage and the M-series virtual machines."

Matt Douglas,Sentara Healthcare 首席企业架构师
Sentara Healthcare

"Ultra Disk Storage enabled SEGA to seamlessly migrate from our on-premises datacenter to Azure and take advantage of flexible performance controls."

Takaya Segawa,SEGA 总经理/创意总监

"With Ultra Disk Storage, we achieved consistent sub-millisecond latency at high IOPS and throughput levels on a wide range of disk sizes. Ultra Disk Storage also allows us to fine-tune performance characteristics based on the workload."

Amit Patolia,Devon Energy 存储工程师


  • 超级磁盘存储上的数据磁盘最高可支持 64 TB/磁盘。高级 SSD、标准 SSD 和标准 HDD 上的数据磁盘最高可支持 32 TB。可以使用的数据磁盘的数目取决于虚拟机的大小
  • 请参阅区域可用性
  • 这四种磁盘类型的性能特征各不相同,因此,你可以根据应用程序的需求来配置存储。了解有关超级磁盘存储或高级 SSD 的性能准则
  • 购买预留后,折扣自动应用于与预留条款匹配的磁盘资源。预留折扣仅应用于磁盘 SKU。详细了解预留折扣
  • 受支持的虚拟机和磁盘的新部署和现有部署默认启用磁盘突发,无需执行其他步骤。详细了解磁盘突发

1基于一项由 Microsoft 委托 GigaOm 于 2020 年 2 月进行的研究的数据提出的性价比声明。该研究在性价比方面将采用 Azure E32as_v4 实例类型、P30 高级 SSD 磁盘和 Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition 上的 SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition 与采用 AWS EC2 r5a.8xlarge 实例类型、常规用途 (gp2) 卷的 Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition 上的 SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition 进行了比较。基准数据来自从公认行业标准 TPC Benchmark™ E (TPC-E) 派生出的 GigaOm 分析现场测试。该现场测试未实现完整的 TPC-E 基准,因此不能与任何已发布的 TPC-E 基准相比较。价格基于自 2020 年 2 月起美国西部对 Azure 虚拟机上的 SQL Server 及北加利福尼亚州对 AWS EC2 实行的正式发布版美国定价。该定价包含针对 Azure 和 AWS 计算定价的三年预留、针对 SQL Server 的 Azure 混合权益、针对 Windows Server 的 Azure 混合权益以及针对 AWS 中 SQL Server 的许可移动性融,不包含软件保障费用。实际结果和价格可能因配置和区域而异。

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