API 管理

适用于所有环境中的 API 的混合、多云管理平台

通过统一的 API 管理更快速地移动

Today's innovative enterprises are adopting API architectures to accelerate growth. Streamline your work across hybrid and multicloud environments with a single place to manage all your APIs.

跨云和本地管理 API

Deploy API gateways side-by-side with the APIs hosted in Azure, other clouds, and on-premises, optimizing API traffic flow. Meet security and compliance requirements while enjoying a unified management experience and full observability across all internal and external APIs.

详细了解分布式 API 管理


Control how data and services are exposed to employees, partners, and customers by applying authentication, authorization, and usage limits.

了解 API 保护


Build apps faster and deliver immediate value to your customers through API-first approaches. Decouple front- and back-end teams through API mocking, API revisions and versioning, and automated API documentation. See how supermarket chain Wegmans created a new mobile application in less than eight weeks.

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提高 API 可发现性

Create a customizable developer portal for all your APIs. Easily manage and share APIs with internal teams, external partners, and customers.



通过为后端服务创建外观,自动将旧版 Web 服务转变为基于现代 REST 的 API。了解像挪威领先的支付服务公司 Vipps 这样的创新者如何使用 Azure API 管理改革开发工作。

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帮助保护 API

  • 将所有 API 都保留在单个静态 IP 或域中,并通过密钥、令牌和 IP 筛选来帮助保护这些 API。
  • 强制执行灵活且精确的配额和速率限制。使用策略修改 API 的形态和行为。通过响应缓存改善延迟并扩展 API。
  • 创建能安全集成本地和云环境的外观,从而连接本地 API 与云服务。


API 设计

Promote adoption of your APIs through effective design, patterns, and principles.


API 和微服务:用于创建企业 API 平台的终极指南

Develop and manage new software faster with API-centered architectures and modular software design through microservices.

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混合和多云环境中的 API 管理

探索在统一环境中管理 API 的好处,并了解如何开始进行混合和跨云 API 管理。 Read the white paper


通过利用 API 管理原则,提高组织中微服务的可发现性和可用性。 Watch the webinar


"Customization is one of the strongest features of Azure API Management. We can customize our portal easily, moving components into the base, adding our own images and text, and choosing from a wide variety of layouts to highlight our brand."

Ricardo Chapa,CEMEX 数字体系结构和新兴技术部门总监

"It was essential for us to maintain business momentum while we scaled up. We were able to do both by working with the expert Microsoft cloud team in Norway and the mature, flexible, and powerful Azure platform."

Thomas Wold Johansen,Vipps 首席技术官

"We are able to see which APIs are getting the most use and which ones aren't. We use this information to understand current trends on a very granular level. We share findings with our API partners to help them maximize success and optimize their application delivery journey."

Félix Grévy,Finastra 产品管理全球总监

"A high-transaction, low-margin business is new for our company, and we can't invest thousands of dollars on a database server to support the venture…. We needed a very scalable, cost-effective PaaS environment, and that's what Azure provided."

Jürg Staub,Swiss Re 财务和伤亡技术体系结构总监
Swiss Re


Choose from a range of pricing options—from pay-as-you-go to dedicated offering–based. Easily move from one pricing tier to another as your traffic or needs change.


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