Azure Batch service—low priority Azure Virtual Machines

预览中 此功能现提供预览。

更新日期: 2017年5月24日

The preview of a new reduced-cost compute offering will soon be available for the Azure Batch service. Low-priority Azure Virtual Machines will be able to be specified for Batch pools, and will be available at a 60% to 80% discount compared to regular on-demand Virtual Machines.

Low-priority Virtual Machines will have a huge discount and will be available in all regions for all Virtual Machines series. They're allocated from surplus capacity, so availability may vary, and they could be preempted. Interrupt tolerant workloads and jobs will be able to leverage low-priority Virtual Machines to realize huge cost savings.

Azure Batch manages complexity. Batch pools can contain both on-demand and low-priority Virtual Machines, and the number of each type could be changed at any time. Interrupted tasks and automatically re-queued, preempted VMs will be automatically replaced, if available, to maintain capacity.

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