Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

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The IMGROUP Online Services team provides the best in cloud technology solutions, using Windows Azure to help you deliver scalable cloud solutions, integrated Online services or to optimise a combined cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud
Our team delivers cloud solutions that help you make ‘the best of both worlds’ and deal with the common challenges related to cloud development:

- Maximise your existing investment in technology and software
- Use the cloud to cut IT infrastructure, server and software costs
- Deploy IT staff more effectively - move legacy systems to the cloud
- Move and integrate complex interfaces directly into the cloud
- New cloud apps and services for use on a range of internet devices

Online Services
Our team delivers the necessary infrastructural know-how to design and implement integrated hybrid solutions along with Microsoft Office365, SharePoint Online and CRM Online business platforms. We have invested significantly in extracting re-usable business components and services to help our clients overcome the major challenges that may be encountered in large scale deployments of these new Microsoft services.

Cloud Only
Our team delivers cloud solutions utilising architectural best practices to provide scalable, secure cloud applications with a global reach. Our clients utilise us to bring their innovation to the cloud in a way that incorporates enterprise best practices along with pro-active guidance and teaming to build and deliver cloud solutions. Our teaming approach offers speed to market and contained costs for market innovators.

Windows Azure Solution Advantages:

Windows Azure’s flexible platform can be used to build new applications to run over the Web, or to enhance existing applications with online capabilities.

Windows Azure simplifies the maintenance and operation of your business applications by providing on-demand server capacity and storage so you can host, scale and manage all of your web services and connected applications through one central platform.

The advantages of our Azure solutions include:

- Reduce the cost and development time to create new cloud apps
- Scalable computing and storage capacity to meet peaks in demand
- On-demand scalability and Azure ‘pay-as-you-grow’ costing model
- Joint on-premises / cloud applications with secure user sign-on
- System task automation to eliminate management hardware